The Future Humans Trilogy 

Discovering the Keys and Tools of our Future Becoming







By Anneloes Smitsman & Jean Houston

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A Message from the Authors

It has been an extraordinary journey for us to write these three books during the most unusual times of our life, and while living oceans apart.

The inspiration for this Trilogy came to us, perhaps, as a gift from a future civilization that showed us what becomes possible when we choose to converge and align our wisdom, expertise, and dedication for a new renaissance of self and society. 

The keys and tools are already within the field of our awakening, Now is the time to join our consciousness as the future humans of a regenerative, wise, and compassionate world."

With love, Anneloes and Jean 

"Pure inspiration, genius, and soul gold.” 

~ Caroline Myss

"Full of wisdom and insight, an act of true compassion." 

~ Deepak Chopra

"A true gift to humanity."

~ Paul Levy

Answer the call of our future becoming!

A mythical journey of personal and societal transformation that offers the keys and ways of a new renaissance for self and society.

Join the conversations of these remarkable future humans who embrace the challenges of our time with humor and a burning desire to discover the hidden truth of our universe. This is their and our quest for becoming the required people of a world reborn to thrive.

The Future Humans Trilogy activates your deepest potential for the greatest transformation through nine consciousness keys, architect tools, wisdom teachings, transformative practices, and mythic transmissions from once and future times. It is written as a fictional story based on real people and real life events, along with groundbreaking scientific discoveries about the nature of our universe. 

Already referred to by many as: "a masterpiece", "the paramount book for our times", "epic and unlike any other", "a modern Mahabharata", "one of the most important books of our catalytic time of change", and "a true gift to humanity".  

Begin the journey with "The Quest of Rose" - an evolutionary blueprint, woven together with the finest strands of future sciences, indigenous wisdom, hidden perspectives, and transformational practices. Launch date: June Solstice 2021. 

A Renaissance Story for Our Time

The main character, Rose, is a courageous and bright woman in her mid-twenties. She has lived all over the world with her traveling parents, has a university degree in biology, loves to play her violin, and has been working in a bookshop in Amsterdam. True to her name, she represents a universal symbol of beauty, mystery, grace, and strength. 

Rose has healed from Covid-19 during a challenging time in the hospital after she dies briefly. As she moves beyond the veil, she is offered a new possibility and discovers the hidden information of immortality in the Cosmic architecture of our Universe. 

Rose is a symbol for our own transformative potential and our resourcefulness during times of chaos, death, and breakdown. Prepared and supported by her Icelandic grandmother Verdandi, known as a female Merlin, and with the help of her friends, family, and allies, Rose discover the keys and tools for rebuilding our world with the Cosmic architecture of life. 

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The Architect Keys and Tools

During her near-death experience, the Consciousness Keys awaken within Rose, as she returns to her Cosmic origins and discovers the ways and keys to rebirth her life and our world - from the future potentials. 

With the help of her Icelandic grandmother Verdandi, who is known as a female Merlin, she learns the names and powers of these nine Keys and how to apply this for the transformation of her life and our world. The Key of Conscious Choice, Imaginal Power, Conscious Communication, Trinity, Paradox, Darkness, Self-Awareness, Future Becoming, and Unity. 

Together they bring back the ancient Architect Tools that have been forgotten by many - the Cosmic Compass, the Timeglass, the Ring of Unity, the Cosmic Symbols, the Cauldron, and many more - combined with cutting-edge science and ecological wisdom about the nature of our crisis and how to resolve it. Guided by the future human civilizations they gather the allies for architecting a thrivable world, and developing the ways and capacities for transforming the systems of division and harm. 

Applications & Implementations

The keys and tools of the Trilogy are already being implemented for the design and redesign of educational and economic systems. The image with the 16 flames,13 spirals, and 4 suns and moons represents the Cosmic Compass design.  :

  • The Cosmic Compass and its principles are applied in the SEEDS Constitution and Game Guide. SEEDS is an open-source decentralized financial ecosystem and governance platform, owned and governed by the citizens who use it, to empower humanity and heal our planet.
  • The evolutionary principles and the Actualization Process of the five Future archetypes are applied in the r3.0 Educational Transformation Blueprint, as well as the strategies for how to initiate transformation from the future potentials. 

The Trilogy serves as a map and compass for navigating the Renaissance potentials of our societal transformation - both personally as well as collectively. Courses based on the Trilogy will start from June 2021, aligned with the Solstice launch date. 

Cosmic Compass Design by Anneloes Smitsman

Essential Discoveries

The Future Humans Trilogy guides us through vital new insights about the nature of our Universe and a deeper understanding of the renaissance dynamics that are present in our lives as well as our societies: 

  1. The innate architecture of the Universe is alive and sentient -  The latest new paradigm research from fields such as informational sciences, quantum physics, and evolutionary systems design, confirms what the mystics shared for thousands of years; namely that our Universe exists and evolves as a single unified entity, and so do we and our planet. The architecture of life is an architecture of wholeness. Discover together with Rose, the practices, architect tools, and consciousness keys for applying this understanding to evolve your life and our world.  
  2. The Cosmic architecture of life is like the Holy Grail of communication - You can communicate with our Universe as a sentient being, as well as with trees, rivers, oceans, and all of nature. You don’t need psychic or paranormal abilities to communicate with non-human life, you have the keys already inside you and it is part of the Cosmic architecture of Consciousness, hidden within the universal language of immortality. 
  3. We are in the midst of a new Renaissance, the tipping points of major changes are converging for rebirth  - Although it may seem as if our world is heading towards collapse, what is forming within the darkness and cocoon of change is the birth of new civilizations and new consciousness states. Your future human potential holds the key to much more than just your future. Discover through this Trilogy what is changing and why. 
  4. The future already exists now within you as a nonlocal information potential, and can activate through your imaginal power - Your imaginal power operates outside the local boundaries of space and time, it is your innate Cosmic power for evolving with life. This is also your power for resetting, healing, and shifting the (hidden) operating systems by consciously working with the future potentials and the patterns of transformation.   
  5. The future consciousness of the new era is already infusing our world - This future consciousness exists within you as the consciousness of higher choices, inviting you to explore whole new possibilities for yourself and our world. The renaissance of self and society is already happening now, and the momentum is building.    
  6. The emerging new mythos is based on co-creative partnership and the art and ways of architecting change - The future humans are co-creating new stories of our ancient and unexplored potentials for architecting and building thrivable civilizations with the Cosmic architecture of life. These are also the stories that include a feminine and fertile understanding of the laws of physics, the economics of life, and the ways we and our universe learn and grow. Inspiring the ways for regenerating, healing and transforming our world with the principles and wisdom of life. 
  7. The Universe reveals its wisdom by joining it - Life is whole and indivisible, its wisdom cannot be separated or divided. Join the Universe in the process of becoming. Discover the ways for inspired creativity, and breakthrough understandings with the help of the future human keys and architect tools. 

Book 1 - The Quest of Rose

... a taste ...

How it all begins ...

“Another overactive immune system. Temperature?”


“Blood pressure?”

“She’s slipping away.”

Rose can faintly hear the voices of the medical staff as they work intensely to help her. 

“Get ready to start the heart …”

“Seems we lost a cousin of hers who came in with her yesterday with the same viral symptoms.” 

Where am I? Why is it so light? Have I died? Rose no longer feels the weight of her body, nor the raging fever inside her. All feels surprisingly calm and peaceful now. No, this can’t be! It’s not my time. Mother! Universe! Whoever you are, please show me another option. I’m not ready to die. My life has only begun!

A week ago, Rose and Otto attended a party with their university friends in Amsterdam. They debated, hugged, and danced until late into the night. Early the next morning, she and her cousin were rushed into the hospital ICU with severe viral symptoms of Covid-19. Otto had experienced problems with an overactive immune system since he was a child, so things got worse very quickly for him. The internal bleeding in his lungs could not be stopped. It was impossible to save him. Rose doesn’t know this yet. She’s drawing on all her strength and focus to get through her own crisis. 

Her parents in the United States have been informed, but are unable to fly over because of the pandemic restrictions. It’s not even possible to have a regular funeral with friends and family; Otto will be cremated alone in the coming days. His family is in deep shock and simply cannot believe how things happened so fast. 

Rose’s last conversation with him was about the escalating troubles and growing violence in the world, and whether humanity is worth being saved. Otto was a remarkable young man, full of life and always positive, looking at the bright side of every problem. He’d already overcome many health obstacles from an early age. He and Rose had made wild plans for creating a better world together. 

Everyone in the ICU focuses on bringing Rose back from the brink. Her temperature is dangerously high and her lungs are filling with fluids. The medical staff work around her with quiet intensity.



“We’re losing her.”

 Rose drifts into another realm where she seems to be part of a unity that is all and everything, yet intimate at the same time. The experience feels more vivid to her than her ordinary world. 

Look at all of these little lights. Where am I? 

A reassuring voice enters her consciousness. “Let yourself be embraced by the Universe, my girl.”

Grandma, is that you? I can hear you! Am I in Iceland?

“Trust. Relax. Feel the loving arms of the Cosmic Mother around you,” the soothing voice continues. “She protects and guides you through the darkness. You’re safe in her arms. Just let go now, and join her. All is well. You’re going to be fine.” 

A wave of relaxation washes over Rose and she hears another voice. It’s not the voice of her grandmother, but an evocative voice that sounds very familiar. The voice is luscious, like music. Within it are the sounds of all creation, with an insistent beauty and harmony that feel as caring and personal as a mother’s kiss. 

Are you the voice of the Universe herself?

Rose knows that she must follow this voice. She no longer fears for her life. Strong yearning and curiosity take over, pulling her energy. 

The medical team at her bedside notice a shift. The atmosphere in the room changes, bringing a sense of deep peace in stark contrast with the tightness, stress, and anxiety predominant just a few minutes earlier. 

Rose’s fever drops slightly, her breathing becomes less shallow. But the virus is unpredictable. The doctors know that this could also mean she’s about to slip away. Just as they are about to take a breath of relief, Rose’s heartbeat becomes even more irregular. Now what? It’s too risky to put her into an induced coma. The coming hour will be the deciding one for what to do next. 

Rose feels herself far away from the hospital now; far from her body’s struggle to live. She’s riding a Cosmic wave on the new rhythms of her heart. The beat quickens, slows down, then quickens a little more as waves of light and sound pull her further into the other realms. Dying and living happen simultaneously. 

On the next wave, she becomes aware of her entire life in one flash. She watches the last months of her life unravel, like an astronaut from space who is seeing the Earth for the very first time. 

Source: Chapter 1 "The Call of the Quest", Book1 - The Quest of Rose.

Practice - Connecting with Your Imaginal Powers

“Begin by accepting that there are realms of existence and modes of being that extend beyond your personal mind. You already have imaginal power. We all do, as does life, in all of its expressions. Your imaginal power is your direct Cosmic connection, which naturally connects you to the larger realities from where you draw inspiration, guidance, vision, and an intuitive sense of direction, as well as your ultimate transformation. 

The imaginal realm extends beyond what is more commonly known as the ‘imaginative’ realm that is associated with the act of imagination and sometimes fantasy. The imaginal realm includes the Cosmic dimensions that are not merely mental. It also includes the transformative powers of the Universe in the way we think, perceive, and respond. 

Become more conscious now of your imaginal powers and how you share this power with life and the Universe. Once aware of your imaginal capacities, you can begin to utilize these capacities more consciously to affect the appropriate change in your life and the world around you. You’re ready now to begin this practice. 

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Relax yourself completely and let go, then let go some more. Become aware of life inside you: in your breath, in the warmth of your heart, in the flow of your blood, in your pulse, in your feelings, thoughts, intentions, and even your questions. Life is always inside you. You are life. 

Acknowledge how this same power of life is also within nature: in the plants, animals, oceans, our planet, and the whole Universe. Your life force and nature’s life force are the same, and are deeply connected. The power of renewal, healing, transformation, and rebirth that are intrinsic to life are also within you. Each of these powers are also imaginal powers, intrinsic to life and within you, granting you the capacities to self-create, self-renew, heal, learn, develop, and evolve. 

Hold the intention now to connect directly with your potent imaginal powers. Feel your imaginal powers awakening and activating inside of you. You may even experience this as a wonderful sensation that spreads through your body as your imaginal powers awaken within you. You’re performing an imaginal process. Welcome to a new way of being and exploring. 

Your imaginal power is your direct access to the creative powers of the Cosmos. You may call upon this power, enormous as it is, whenever required. This power yearns to join you and bring profoundly new ways of being and doing to your life. Let your ability to access and direct your imaginal power further grow. Feel your imaginal powers grow, and glow within you. As it grows stronger it is naturally optimizing and enhancing your creative abilities, your capacity to envision, intuit. Sense your healing power and your transformative powers. You only need to think of your imaginal power and it naturally activates. Your imaginal powers are drawing you forward to the higher realization of the path of your destiny. 

Put your hands on your heart, and connect with the powerful imaginal genius of your heart. Ask your heart to guide you, to infuse your imaginal power with boundless love; guiding and aligning your desires with love and wisdom. Stay there for the next few moments... 

Now you are ready to connect with the imaginal powers of the Universe. Ask the Universe to support you with the transformative powers that help you to create, invent, and manifest the experiences and the opportunities that support your higher path and purpose. Feel the surge of these powers as they flow within you. Feel them energizing, igniting, and bringing new life and purpose to your life on the planet at this time. Know that you are partners to each other in the great theatre of evolving life. Stay here for the next few moments…

Now you are ready to connect with Mother Earth and ask for her support as well, which she graciously grants. You can even ask her how you can support her too, as her creative partner in evolving life. Hold in your heart the intention of abundant, creative goodness and wellness for everyone. See the world and your own life in an optimum state of being: thriving, healthy, happy, and prosperous.  When you are ready, open your eyes and be fully present here and now.” 

Source: Chapter 2 "The New Mythos", Book 1 - The Quest of Rose.

New Narratives

“Rosie! You’re back from your walk so soon?”  

“You know me grandma. I have more things I’d like to discuss with you.”

“Well, let’s hear it, my girl. What’s on your mind? Hold on a second, these cats need their lunch.”

“I can hear them.”

“Yes, it’s their kitty opera to make sure I put enough food into their bowls. They’d eat fifteen meals a day if they could get away with it. Just like your grandpa. Now where were we?”

“I want to know how can we create a new story for our world? I’m tired of hearing all these stories of conflict, lies, violence, and division.”

“Yes. It can be disheartening. That’s why I turn off my tv.”

“There must be a way we can create a better story about what it means to be human. The Universe showed me how incredible life truly is. That incredibleness lives in every cell of our being, yet people either don’t realize that or they ignore it.” 

“If you don’t like our current world story, then start telling a better story, even before it becomes reality. Live a better truth from the reality of your choice. Inspire the change. What you appreciate, appreciates. Devote time, attention, and intention to this coming of the higher plan for our Earth and the species she carries.”

“But there’s so much destruction—”

“Don’t shake before the passing disasters. Co-create with the Cosmos a higher pattern and the new Earth story! It already exists in the imaginal realm. During this time when death and collapse are stirring the very foundations of our societies, a rebirth of the self is an absolute necessity right now. You are that story. You are living this yourself right now. Culture, religion, and the politics of our beliefs are all calling to be newly reimagined.” 

Source: Chapter 2 "The New Mythos", Book 1 - The Quest of Rose, a conversation between Rose and her Icelandic grandmother Verdandi.

Book 2 - The Return of the Avatars

... a taste ...

Fishing in the Ocean of Consciousness

“Sophia, imagine what we could do if we truly understood how to tap our Cosmic powers? We all have dreams and ideas, yet do we realize how our mind is a creative field within Consciousness? What if people were shown from an early age how our capacity to dream, think and imagine is universal?

“You mean not just human?”

“Exactly. The Universe is a huge living system and like us, it renews, learns, and evolves. Our human abilities to dream, think, and imagine, may well be because of the unique and intelligent way that our Universe is formed. This formation is not random - it is way too precise and subtle for this to be a flux of nature. We are architecturally part of the nervous system of the Universe, and we have latent abilities that we haven’t even started to seriously explore yet.”

“You clearly feel passionate about this Rose. For you this understanding is alive. Yet for others, your insight may fall on deaf ears, unless they are able to experience something similar as what you went through.”

“Perhaps. What if many people haven’t been able to materialize their dreams because they are fishing in the ocean of Consciousness without a proper net? Not knowing how to catch the imaginal fish of their dreams in the ocean of life?”

 “Imaginal fish? Oh wow, that is quite an image to behold. What do you mean, Rose?”

“The imaginal fish are the Cosmic possibilities that float under the surface of our reality - too slippery and elusive to catch. Unless you know how to fish and use the proper tools.”

"So, how do we fish in the ocean of Consciousness?”

“You need to know how to localize your ideas from the nonlocal realms and use the holographic surface of our local reality as a net or womb in which it can materialize.”  

“That is a hugely powerful metaphor, Rose. Continue.” 

“We and our world are literally pregnant with the Cosmic potentials of futures, we just don’t realize it. This pregnancy exists as cosmically infused imaginal potency. Future potentials become future probabilities, and then local realities, when these future potentials become fertilized and embodied.”

“How do you fertilize a future potential, and can men do this too?”

 “Of course, imaginal pregnancies are not just for women - men and women are alike in this. We fertilize the future potentials by using our imaginal powers co-creatively with the Cosmos - as we did in the forest to help Sam. There is one key that many forget, and that is knowing how to involve our sensory organs.”

“You mean our five senses?”

“Yes, and more… We need to become like a womb for these future possibilities - men as well! When we integrate our imaginal experiences through our sensory organs - through our physical and intuitive senses -  we become like a fertile womb for these future possibilities. Everything that we can touch, see, smell, hear, and taste started as a Cosmic dot of imaginal potential. This little dot then unfolded to become the Universe, our galaxy and world, and now you and me here. When we become pregnant with imaginal potencies we become the womb for the new futures. A womb of time out of which emerge the bodies of cultures, civilizations, and our future world. We are fertilized to create and bring forth the new human in which these future potentials can actualize and become concrete.”

Source: Chapter 3 "The Cosmic Architecture", Book 2 - The Return of the Avatars, a conversation between Rose and her friend Sophia.

Book 3 - The Portal Opens

... a taste ...

A Parachute Moment of Touchdown

“The law of existence can reveal itself in the most unexpected moments. Alf demonstrated this powerfully just now.” Verdandi and Rose are riding their horses at a gentle pace as they move towards the ancient stone formation. 

“Proper preparation can be very useful. Let me tell you a funny story from my past. I had just turned 19 and had a persistent desire to jump from a plane. I wanted to know how it feels to be free like a bird. A parachute jump seemed like a good idea, as long as it didn’t cost me too much. I found a place that sold cheap parachute jumps. First, you got trained in a barn to learn how to jump onto a pile of hay. Then you get brief instructions for how to pull the ripcord. That is after you have fallen on your feet for countless times. After a few amazing jump experiences out of the plane, I got a rather powerful lesson about the need for preparation. It all started marvelously that morning, watching the earth rushing up to meet me while soaring like a bird. I probably hadn’t packed my parachute well. I pulled the ripcord and nothing happened. I pulled it again, and nothing happened.”

Rose is holding her breath while listening. She had no idea her grandmother was this adventurous.  

“I pulled it again, and again nothing happened. Next moment I saw my entire life flash by in what felt like eternity. The certainty of my existence crumbled as I saw the ground of reality nearing dangerously close at rapid speed. It offered me one of the profoundest moments of my life.”

“What, you never told us?”

 “In that moment I knew and was everything, except for that silly ripcord of course. Destiny intervened and finally the parachute decided to open. I made a clumsy landing and survived the impact. Reality touchdown. I got off with just a few bruises and some existential realizations. I really should have paid the extra money to learn how to unpack my parachute.” Verdandi and Rose laugh deeply.  

“Oh grandma, you are funny. I am glad the ripcord opened, else I wouldn’t have existed as Rose!!” 

“Yes, love, we all have our parachute moments. Especially when we realize that the way we intended for things to happen might not be how things turn out. Don’t bargain with your life, pay the extra money if you have to. Take the time to prepare. Humanity is also going through a parachute moment. We haven’t prepared for the free fall that we are entering now. Raging fires, pandemics, financial and ecological bankruptcies, our dying oceans. Our world is in freefall. Who controls the ripcords of our parachutes? On whose ground and terms are we asked to land?” 

“Wow, that really is the golden question of our time - who controls the ripcords of our parachutes? When I went to that party with Otto nobody was wearing a mask, people in the Netherlands even campaigned not to wear masks at the beginning of the pandemic. "Just keep your distance and disinfect your hands", they said. Look where that got us. We gave the control over our ripcords away by playing down what was really going on. I almost died, and Otto never made it back.” 

The women continue to ride in silence as their eyes sink into the vastness of the Icelandic fields. There is just the steady breathing of their horses now. Tears are welling up for Rose. She realizes how close she came to death, and how she never valued her life the way she does now. She misses Otto and still can’t believe he is gone.  

“It is okay to feel the grief, my girl, you are safe now. The laws of life apply to all of us -  you, me, the guy delivering newspapers, the presidents of nations, the bird, the cloud, and the whole blooming Universe.”

Source: Chapter 3 "Exploring the Laws of Life", Book 3 - The Portal Opens. 


“A book full of wisdom and insight, with a vision of the future everyone can benefit from in our age of change amid uncertainty. The Quest of Rose is an act of true compassion, which exhibits empathy and understanding that leads to answers, and the answers are the essence of the world’s wisdom traditions. The stories in this book speak directly to the heart, where all inner journeys begin. When the heart awakens, the person is transformed. This book is living proof that such a radical change is desirable, possible, and necessary in everyone’s life."  

~ Deepak Chopra, M.D. Author, ​Total Meditation​  


“The Quest of Rose is pure inspiration - soul gold. As we spin in these winds of chaos, wondering where we are going and when the storms will end, the Quest of Rose has emerged as a guidebook, instructing individuals on how to connect to the hidden power map governing this epic of transformation. Pure genius.” 

~ Caroline Myss, Ph.D. Author, ​Intimate Conversation with the Divine​   


“A fabulous excursion into the true potentials - and if we are lucky, the future reality - of the human personality. We learn just about everything that is conceivable about the evolutionary possibilities of the human - a mind-boggling trip. To be read and lived with admiration and appreciation.” 

~ Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D.  Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Award-winning Author. Founder & President, The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research


“Like shamans on a magical journey of healing, in The Quest of Rose, Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston masterfully use the fictive power and world-creating artistry of the sacred creative imagination to weave a spellbinding story which reveals the deeper mythical—and liberating—nature that lies hidden within seemingly ordinary, nonfictional reality. Encoded within the story they tell—which is truly our story—is a living transmission that activates and awakens our evolutionary potential, helping us to remember who we are and what we are here to do. This book is a true gift to humanity that I cannot recommend highly enough.” 

~Paul Levy, author of Dispelling Wetiko and The Quantum Revelation


“This astounding Future Humans Trilogy is a work of pure genius that inspires one to “Know Thyself” as a multi-dimensional architect of the future possible. Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston brilliantly brings to life our true essence as Cosmic, activating forces of evolution, by equipping the reader with the tools, codes, keys, patterns, practices and principles to birth a collective metamorphosis out of the chrysalis into a luminous future.  This is one of the most important books of our catalytic time of change and should be available for all people and in every educational institution as an architectural guide to creating a world that works for all.”

~Diane Williams, Founder, The Source of Synergy Foundation 


“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wizardly guide to help navigate these turbulent times?  To be shown a blueprint of the future, one that would describe what could be, what is seeking to be, as the next stage in the whole healthy evolution of our species with all of the life present in Earth?  Of course, such a thing is impossible, right? – who would be able to communicate such a thing, let alone access it in the first place?!  Well, apparently it is not impossible, for Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston have done it.  And they have done it in a way that invites you into it, into the landscape of the blueprint, with a fable for our time. This is the fabulous story of Rose, Grandmother Verdandi, and all the friends who “share with you their own journey of developing a personal relationship with this Cosmic architecture of life.” The fable brings you into the spacetime of myth and engages you in a grand rite of passage – at once personal and about all of us and all of life.  In the spirit of Louis Malle’s 1981 film My Dinner with André, or Brent Capra’s 1990 Mindwalk, Smitsman and Houston share profound conversations that range through quantum physics, indigenous wisdom, cosmic evolution, spiritual transformation, and existential and transcendental philosophy from both East and West, North and South.  And they do so in the most delicious and wholly enjoyable way, making these topics understandable, relatable and relevant.  Smitsman and Houston invite you to walk under the moonlight or sit with them by the fire, listening to its crackling, warming your hands and your heart, watching the flicker and play of light, seeing shapes dart about in the shadowplay as you listen to their modern Mahabharata.  As we enter this imaginative space, they drop us deeper into the imaginal realm of our own emergence – individually and collectively.  Rose calls this the “entrance in the Cosmic architecture school of life” where we encounter our future heritage as we listened to elders, traveling sages, druids, wizards and crones, and in so doing, find their guidance within ourselves.”

~ Prof Dr. Alexander Laszlo, Ph.D. Director of Research of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research, co-founding member of EARTHwise Centre. 


“Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston deliver an engaging narrative in which profound realizations seem to pop off each page. These stellar intellects bring to life a mythic journey of personal and societal transformation. A delightful weave of edifying and enduring wisdom; beautifully crafted; and a testament for evolving human potential, The Quest of Rose will revision and advance the path you take.” 

~ Dr. Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D.  The Milton H. Erickson Foundation​


“This is an epic book for our unprecedented times! The Quest of Rose is a book unlike any other you are likely to read. It is breathtaking in its scope, enlightening in its depth and uplifting in its message. It seamlessly weaves together quantum physics, cosmology, mythology, spirituality, psychology, history and more, with gripping impact. It is the one ‘must read’ book for everyone of all ages and backgrounds concerned with how we navigate our way through this chaotic transition time accentuated by the COVID pandemic.” 

~Professor Alexander Schieffer, Ph.D. Co-Founder. ​Home for Humanity​, Adjunct Professor, Da Vinci Institute, South Africa, 


“The Quest of Rose immerses us in the life of one young COVID survivor, Rose, and her quest for deeper meaning after her brush with death. Through Rose’s vivifying dialogues with her evocative grandmother, Verdandi, and her peers, we participate actively in her unfolding discovery of the cosmic architecture of life. We engage side by side with Rose in activating our imaginal cells and expanding our states of consciousness through grandmother Verdandi’s potent exercises to unfetter our quantum powers. We not only share the mythic initiation journey of Rose, but learn with her how to transform our own lives and become the future humans we need to be to create the future world that works for all. This is THE paramount book for our times!” 

~ Dr. Rama Man​i​, Ph.D. Co-Founder, Home for Humanity, Convenor Centre for International Studies, University of Oxford   


“Jean Houston embodies the generous, catalytic and enlightened servant-leadership that inspired His Holiness the Dalai Lama to opine that the world will be saved by the western woman — and in fact, she has inspired and mentored many of them! Now, as the patriarchal patterns of industrial civilization are unraveling, women are coming to our rescue. Dr. Houston is bringing her powers together with the genius of a brilliant younger woman, Dr. Anneloes Smitsman, who embodies a fresh emergence of feminine creative leadership. Enjoy and let your eyes be opened and your soul be nourished by what emerged — Future Humans: The Quest of Rose. It tells a relatable story - of Rose’s (and our collective) near-death encounter in this apocalyptic time — and the discovery, exploration and transmission of infinitely renewing and magical nature of our living universe. As a reader, we accompany and participate in a human story, gradually coming to see and understand how to live in a world that is profoundly multidimensional and magical, and yet single, whole, wholesome and holistic. Drs. Houston and Smitsman are playfully inviting each of us to join them, and in the process, to recognize and use our latent powers and potentials to co-create and inhabit a thrivable future for our children and grandchildren. You’ll finish this book amazed and joyful.” 

~ Terry Patten, Author, ​A New Republic of the Heart​


“The Quest of Rose is an extraordinary and unique creation. It is amazingly exciting, informative and inspirational. A combination of scientific treatise, cosmic adventure, and an imaginal feast. The structure of Rose’s story, related in conversation with, principally, her grandmother and friend Sophia, releases a body of wisdom, vision and a wealth of cutting edge contemporary scientific material revealed to her through a near-death experience from contracting Covid-19. It is a fascinating contemporary premise that challenges mind, heart and soul in a profound way. The beautiful Cosmic Compass design and visual aids are all great assets and most useful to understanding some of the more complex ideas.” 

~ Penny Joy, Filmmaker, Scriptwriter, and Facilitator of Restorative Justice Circles


"A post-pandemic future that thrives in harmony with the whole of life needs future-ready humans. The wise future human’s quest is guided by a compass. Rose, the book’s heroine, takes the reader on a magical experiential journey of reflective discovery. Source codes of life, cosmic architecture, and heart intelligence interweave through beautiful story telling. Their deep wisdom ensures the compass course of our quest will always point 'True North’. A masterpiece to be read again and again by all called to build back a better world based on universal truth, trust and love.” 

~ Steven Lovink, Bridge-builder to a Whole New World.  


"Welcome to the world of Rose - a young woman going through a traumatic end-of-life situation, aiming to find the new she can rely on in her still young life. She's the embodiment of the challenges to the greater whole we now face, with human extinction as a threat, and planet Earth rejecting humanity, if - and that stands for Rose's search - we're not transforming towards regeneration & thriving. The transformation of the caterpillar, from structure to fluidity, to new structure, is one of the wonders of evolution. But it shows the way humanity needs to let go and build up anew. Follow Rose in her transformation, and join her for the sake of the greater whole, of which we are all part of. What an inspiration that journey of Rose is!” 

~ Ralph Thurm, Managing Director r3.0, Author of The Corona Chronicles - Envisioning a New Normal for Regeneration and Thriving

About the Authors

Dr Anneloes Smitsman

Dr. Anneloes Smitsman (Ph.D., LLM), is Founder and CEO of EARTHwise Centre. She is a visionary scientist, published author, futurist, system architect, and leadership catalyst for the transition to a Thrivable Civilization. She holds a Masters degree in Law and Judicial Political Sciences from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and received a degree of Doctor from the Maastricht Sustainability Institute (formerly ICIS), Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Her groundbreaking Ph.D. dissertation "Into the Heart of Systems Change", addresses how to diagnose and transform key systemic barriers of our world crisis through its proposed Transition Plan for a Thrivable Civilization. Anneloes is the author of the Amazon International Bestseller “Love Letters from Mother Earth – The Promise of a New Beginning”, as well as many scientific articles and chapters in international peer reviewed  journals and books. Anneloes is the lead architect of the EARTHwise Tipping Point System, the lead author of the r3.0 Educational Transformation Blueprint, an architect of the SEEDS Constitution and strategic advisor of Hypha for co-developing the Regenerative Renaissance tools, currencies, systems, and cultures. She  is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle of the Source of Synergy Foundation. 

Prof dr Jean Houston

Prof dr. Jean Houston (PhD) is an innovative scholar, futurist, and researcher in human capacities, social change, and systemic transformation. She is one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement and one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. She has been a key player in the empowerment of women around the world, and was awarded the Synergy Superstar Award 2020 by the Source of Synergy Foundation for her exemplary work inspiring us to source our highest human capacities. A powerful and dynamic speaker, and renowned for her gifts as a mythic storyteller, Dr Houston holds conferences, seminars, and mentoring programs with leaders and change agents worldwide. She has worked intensively in over 40 cultures, lectured in over 100 countries, and worked with major organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, and NASA, as well as helping global state leaders, leading educational institutions, business organizations, and millions of people to enhance and deepen their own uniqueness. She has authored over 34 published books and a great many unpublished books, plays, and manuscripts. Dr Houston is Chancellor of Meridian University and has served on the faculties of Columbia University, Hunter College, Marymount College, The New School for Social Research, and the University of California. Dr Houston was also President of the American Association of Humanistic Psychology, and is presently the Chair of the United Palace of Spiritual Arts in New York City.