The Upshift to a New Paradigm with Ervin Laszlo

Co-hosts Jean Houston and Anneloes Smitsman talk with the world renowned systems scientist and philosopher Prof. Ervin Laszlo. They explore the "upshift" to a new paradigm, the challenges of this transition time through the birth canal of our evolutionary development, the presence of the future human potentials of a new era within us, and how our universe is attracted towards the realization of greater wholeness, self-aware consciousness, and Cosmic coherence.

They complete their podcast with a message of hope in the evolutionary process of our future becoming, and the poem "A Sleep of Prisoners" by Christopher Fry, narrated by Jean Houston. 

Prof Laszlo was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and has published more than 101 books and over 400 articles and research papers. He is the founder and president of The Club of Budapest and The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research. He is a recipient of many international awards and honors and is a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Science and of the International Academy of Philosophy of Science, Senator of the International Medici Academy, and Editor of the international periodical “World Futures: The Journal of New Paradigm Research.”


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