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Welcome to Future Humans for growing and developing our future human potentials and powers of the emerging new era. Through Future Humans we bring together our hopes, visions, dreams, skills, passions, and expertise for the co-creation of a thriving and caring world. A world in which life is celebrated, and we support each other to evolve more wisely and with greater care for the Earth as our common planetary home. Future Humans is hosted by EARTHwise Centre in collaboration with The Renaissance Project.

We've co-authored the Future Humans Trilogy to support humanity during this critical time with essential perspectives, keys, tools, visions, codes, and practices. The trilogy is based on radical new understandings that are emerging from the frontiers of a new paradigm in science and research and the intersections between science, spirituality, and indigenous wisdom. The new paradigm sciences offer a unitary conception of existence and the role of consciousness. These sciences include fields such as: quantum field theory, cosmology, new physics, complexity sciences, evolutionary systems design, neuroscience, epigenetics, and consciousness research.

Through Future Humans Education we aim to bring these essential insights about the nature of reality, consciousness, living systems, and our universe into the mainstream. 

Through the Future Humans Community we explore, experiment, and learn together how to apply these vital insights for the co-creation of a world that is able to thrive, with a shared commitment to transforming the unsustainable systems, cultures, and mechanisms that are harmful to life.

To our Future! 

Anneloes and Jean

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Future Humans Trilogy

The Quest of Rose: The Cosmic Keys of Our Future Becoming is book 1 of the trilogy and a Winner of the 2022 Silver Nautilus Book Award in the category of Personal Growth, and became a #1 Amazon Bestseller during its launch July 2021. Return of the Avatars: The Cosmic Architect Tools of Our Future Becoming, is book 2 of the trilogy and also became a #1 Amazon Bestseller during its launch in March 2022. Both books are available as ebook and paperback. The audiobook of The Quest of Rose is now available for order. The audiobook of Return of the Avatars will be available on August 11, 2022. 

The Future Humans Trilogy is based on vital new insights from the new paradigm sciences about the nature of reality, consciousness, and our universe. These insights are essential for the co-creation of a world that is systemically thrivable, and for transforming the harmful and degenerative systems, cultures, and methods that have become normalized for way too long.

We are deeply grateful for the incredible endorsements and support that have been pouring in for the first two books of the Trilogy from luminaries, colleagues, and friends around the world. Many have referred to these books as the paramount books for this time that can profoundly make the difference. Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Ph.D. also stated how working with these books can literally repattern your nervous system to better meet the trials of these challenging times, which is confirmed by the many testimonies we’ve received from our readers and students.

Book 1: The Quest of Rose

Join the future humans in this life-changing journey through Rose’s quest. Hospitalized with COVID-19, Rose a young woman in her mid-twenties, slips beyond the veils of death and discovers the hidden Cosmic architecture of the Universe and how this connects to the primacy of Consciousness. She is returned to the Cosmic womb and the Cosmic Tree of Life where she is given the possibility of a new and conscious choice. As she makes the higher-order choice, she is guided to the future potentials of a new era and the Cosmic keys for the rebirth and renewal of herself and our world. With the help of her Icelandic grandmother, the magus Verdandi, she learns the names and powers of these nine Cosmic Keys and how to apply these for her life and our world.

The Quest of Rose offers nine Cosmic Keys and twelve transformative practices for activating and developing your future human potential, together with an integration section at the end of each chapter for application. The Cosmic Keys are: Conscious Choice, Imaginal Power, Cosmic Communication, Trinity, Paradox, Darkness, Self-Awareness, Becoming, and Unity. Each Key offers a vital perspective on the Cosmic architecture of life that is essential for the co-creation of the world of the future humans of this emerging new era.

“Pure inspiration - soul gold. This book has emerged as a guidebook to connect to the hidden power map governing this epic of transformation. Pure genius.” ~ Caroline Myss, Ph.D.


Book 2: Return of the Avatars

The journey continues and deepens as whole new dangers lurk around the corner, attracted to Rose's growing powers. Join the future humans in this spell-breaking, soul-stirring adventure as they explore essential lessons about power, unity, ego, shadow, hope, courage, and love. Empowered with the discoveries of the Cosmic architecture of life, you’ll now discover together with Rose and her friends how to decode the systems and agendas of the economics of domination and the governance of disunity. Explore the new choices and possibilities by developing your future human powers through the wisdom of the higher heart, with the help of the Cosmic Architect Tools, and the Avatar interface. Although recommended, it's not necessary to have read the first book.

Return of the Avatars offers seven Cosmic Architect Tools and ten transformative practices for developing your future human powers, together with an integration section at the end of each chapter for application. The Cosmic Architect Tools are: The Ring of Unity, Infinity Hourglass, Cosmic Compass, Fire Stones of Darkness and Light, Singing Chalice, Cosmic Navel Cord, and the Cosmic Mirror. Each Tool serves as a universal archetypal wisdom for developing your future human powers. As Tools of consciousness, they transcend any particular wisdom tradition.

As we awaken to our true reality, dormant supernatural powers and potential will become the norm. This book is prophetic.” ~ Deepak Chopra, M.D.

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“An allegory with all the revelations of a New Age Game of Thrones, heroine Rose uncovers many timeless truths in her quest to learn the mysteries of higher human potential. A mix of frontier science and ancient wisdom, Return of the Avatars also offers a practical set of tools for its readers to ‘upgrade’ into an evolved realm of being—which is more necessary than ever during these tumultuous times." ~ Lynne McTaggart

 "This evolutionary masterpiece exudes creative genius, visionary insight, and archetypal pathways." ~ Julie Krull, Ph.D.

“This extraordinarily powerful sequel to the Future Humans Trilogy continues to share profound insights and way-showers for our cosmic destiny." ~ Jude Currivan, Ph.D.

"A true gift to humanity." ~ Paul Levy

"We cannot afford to ignore this magnificent work!” ~ Larry Dossey, M.D.

"One of the most important books of our catalytic time of change." ~ Diane Williams

Future Humans Education

The Future Humans Course Community is hosted by EARTHwise Centre and is bringing people together from around the world through online and in-person gatherings for developing our future human capacities for this tipping point time. To deepen and continue the journey, we highly recommend the monthly Future Humans group coaching sessions with Anneloes, through which she shares additional teachings, practices, and community support.

The Future Humans Quest

The on-demand Future Humans Quest is facilitated by Dr. Anneloes Smitsman and Dr. Kurt Barnes, for developing your future human powers through the wisdom of the higher heart with the 7 Cosmic Architect Tools. Uniquely created to work with the powerful content and practices of Return of the Avatars, Book 2 of the Future Humans Trilogy by Anneloes and Jean. The Quest includes a bonus session of Dr. Jean Houston for entering into a higher evolutionary purpose, and the unique bonus series: The Quest Conversations with esteemed evolutionary leaders. The quest unfolds through 8 Modules with essential resources via the online Quest portal.


The Catalyst Course

Begin the Future Humans learning journey with the on-demand Catalyst Course, facilitated by Dr. Jean Houston and Dr. Anneloes Smitsman in collaboration with Dr. Stephen Aizenstat. This online course includes the video and audio recordings of 5 Modules with essential resources via our online course portal. The course is designed to support you in developing your Catalyst potential and renaissance capacities for this time, based on the Cosmic Keys and practices of Book 1: The Quest of Rose. It also provides a strong foundation for working with the breakthrough ideas of the new paradigm sciences that are included in the Trilogy, and an introduction to the Cosmic Compass design.


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Pilgrims of the Future

The Future Humans journey belongs to all of us. This emerging new era has long been foretold by the mystics, philosophers, and poets of our time, including the French theologian and philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who called himself a “pilgrim of the future.” We, too, consider ourselves to be “pilgrims of the future,” and the Universe has a way of introducing such pilgrims to one another in the most unusual ways.

In the case of Jean, it happened when she was fourteen years old. After receiving news that terribly upset her, she was running to Central Park in New York City to clear her head when she literally ran into Teilhard de Chardin and almost knocked the wind out of him. Thankfully, he took it all with great humor as she helped him to his feet. About a week later, while walking down Park Avenue with her fox terrier, Champ, she met the old gentleman again. Thus began their friendship over a period of three years. It was only after his passing that she learned that “Mr. Tayer,” (as she had called him), was the famous Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Although this book is not about their meetings, Teilhard is part of this book in the seed he planted 70 years ago, and in particular, through the following conversation.

During one of their weekly walks in the park, Teilhard suddenly fell to his knees, overcome with wonder.

“Jeanne, look at the caterpillar. Ahhhh! How beautiful it is, this little green being with its wonderful, funny, little feet. Exquisite! Little furry body, little green feet on the road to metamorphosis. Jeanne, can you feel yourself to be a caterpillar?” Teilhard exclaimed.

“Ohhh, yes!” Jean replied, as a pimply-faced teenager.

“Well, then think of your own metamorphosis. What will you be when you have become a butterfly, un papillon, eh? What is the butterfly of Jeanne?” Teilhard smiled.

“I’ll travel around the world and will help people,” Jean replied passionately.

The following serves to illustrate how we each carry the seeds for our own metamorphosis inside us. Then, when we least expect it, a stranger, a bump on the road, or some unexpected event, becomes the catalyst, after which, time has a way of bringing us full circle and returns us to how it all began. There, as we return to the beginning, we receive the seeds for a new beginning.

Here is how things came full circle for us. In May 2020, Anneloes proposed to Jean that they work with the butterfly metamorphosis as the core theme for their trilogy. At that time, she had no idea of the conversation that had transpired between Jean and Teilhard.

Twelve months later, while writing the introduction for their first book, Anneloes became aware of a strong and loving presence in her living room, combined with a persistent nudge for her to find out what Teilhard had actually said to Jean during some of their talks. As she learned about their caterpillar moment, she was delighted to discover how the seed for their trilogy had been planted all those years ago by Teilhard’s questions! Future humans are people like you, us, and many others, who are embracing our own metamorphosis to explore the question: What is the butterfly of me?

The anticipated potentials of a more enlightened future are not merely imaginal, nor is the imaginal merely imaginative, or just happening in our minds. These future potentials are actual potentials in Consciousness; Cosmic information that exists in a particular state, which we can access and activate when we discover the Cosmic Keys and Architect Tools for doing so. The Future Humans journey is a mythic journey for living a mythic life.