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Message from the Authors 

"It is often believed that times of breakdown are needed for times of breakthrough to emerge. Through The Future Humans Trilogy and courses, we offer an alternative way for our world, ourselves, and collective consciousness to evolve and grow into the greater possibilities of our future becoming. As the caterpillar reminds us, the future potentials of our latent butterfly capacities already exist within us as imaginal cells. Those cells activate and group together while the caterpillar is still alive, and before it dissolves inside its cocoon.

As pioneers in human development, consciousness research, the quantum nature of reality, the cosmology of our universe, evolutionary sciences, and living systems architecture, we have personally witnessed and experienced how these new ways of change and transformation are not just possible, they are required. That is what is implied with evolving into the new possibilities of the higher orders of reality that are activating inside us.

In other words, we don’t have to make it so hard and difficult for ourselves, each other, and our planet. We can choose to evolve more lovingly, gracefully, and joyfully. Perhaps that is the most powerful medicine for our healing and transformation.

The Future Humans Trilogy is our gift to the world for this time of tipping point change. We are thrilled that during the launch, The Quest of Rose is became a #1 Amazon Bestseller in 2 categories and the #1 Hot New Release in the categories Philosophy Metaphysics, New Thought, Systems Theory, and Mysticism.

The trilogy is written as an allegory that represents the quest of our time; the call to be reborn from the heart of our humanity by appreciating the unity that’s given. The trilogy weaves together real-life events that are at the forefront of what’s happening in our world right now, with cutting-edge insights from the new sciences, indigenous wisdom, and consciousness teachings for discovering the greater possibilities of our future becoming.

We chose to give fictional names to the characters in this trilogy, yet have presented these characters as real-life people we can all relate to, and who share a deep passion to become the required change that makes the difference.

The stories and experiences of these characters also include some of the most intimate and life-changing visions, mystical insights, and transformations that we have each lived over the course of our lives, as well as the many funny and awkward moments."

To our Future!

With love, Anneloes and Jean

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The trilogy begins with The Quest of Rose, which offers the promise of a possible future through an experiential journey that all of us can join, irrespective of our background -  with transformative practices, keys, tools, wisdom teachings, mythic transmissions from once and future times, and unique perspectives for exploring the deeper questions of our time and becoming the future humans of whole new possibilities.

This new era has long been foretold by the mystics, philosophers, and poets of our time, including the French theologian and philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who called himself a “pilgrim of the future.” We, too, consider ourselves to be “pilgrims of the future,” and the Universe has a way of introducing such pilgrims to one another in the most unusual ways.

In the case of Jean, it happened when she was fourteen years old. After receiving news that terribly upset her, she was running to Central Park in New York City to clear her head when she literally ran into Teilhard de Chardin and almost knocked the wind out of him. Thankfully, he took it all with great humor as she helped him to his feet. About a week later, while walking down Park Avenue with her fox terrier, Champ, she met the old gentleman again. Thus began their friendship over a period of three years. It was only after his passing that she learned that “Mr. Tayer,” (as she had called him), was the famous Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Although this book is not about their meetings, Teilhard is part of this book in the seed he planted 70 years ago, and in particular, through the following conversation.

During one of their weekly walks in the park, Teilhard suddenly fell to his knees, overcome with wonder.

“Jeanne, look at the caterpillar. Ahhhh! How beautiful it is, this little green being with its wonderful, funny, little feet. Exquisite! Little furry body, little green feet on the road to metamorphosis. Jeanne, can you feel yourself to be a caterpillar?” Teilhard exclaimed.

“Ohhh, yes!” Jean replied, as a pimply-faced teenager.

“Well, then think of your own metamorphosis. What will you be when you have become a butterfly, un papillon, eh? What is the butterfly of Jeanne?” Teilhard smiled.

“I’ll travel around the world and will help people,” Jean replied passionately.

The following serves to illustrate how we each carry the seeds for our own metamorphosis inside us. Then, when we least expect it, a stranger, a bump on the road, or some unexpected event, becomes the catalyst, after which, time has a way of bringing us full circle and returns us to how it all began. There, as we return to the beginning, we receive the seeds for a new beginning, and so it also happens for the characters of The Quest of Rose.

Here is how things have come full circle for us. In May 2020, Anneloes had proposed to Jean that they work with the butterfly metamorphosis as the core theme for our trilogy. At that time, she had no idea of the conversation that had transpired between Jean and Teilhard.

Twelve months later, while writing this introduction, Anneloes became aware of a strong and loving presence in her living room, combined with a persistent nudge for her to find out what Teilhard had actually said to Jean during some of their talks. As she learned about their caterpillar moment, she was delighted to discover how the seed for their trilogy had been planted all those years ago by Teilhard’s questions! True to her word, Jean did indeed travel the world, and has helped an enormous number of people as an evocator of the lure of our becoming and a midwife of souls, as well as a world-renowned scholar and one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement. She continues to travel, teach, lecture, and help people today at the age of 84.

Join us through The Quest of Rose, where we discover the keys, tools, and ways for becoming the future humans of a new era. Future humans are people like you, us, and many others, who are embracing our own metamorphosis to explore the question: What is the butterfly of me?

As you’ll soon discover, the anticipated potentials of a more enlightened future are not merely imaginal, nor is the imaginal merely imaginative, or just happening in our minds. These future potentials are actual potentials in Consciousness; Cosmic information that exists in a particular state, which we can access and activate when we discover the Cosmic Keys for doing so. This truly is a mythic journey for living a mythic life.

Each chapter comes with a specific Cosmic Key of Consciousness for activating and developing your future potential. This book includes nine such keys and twelve transformative practices, together with an integration section at the end of each chapter for application in your life. Toward the end of the book, you’ll also find a summary of the essential insights of the new paradigm sciences with references for further exploration.

Already referred to by many as: "a masterpiece", "the paramount books for our times", "epic and unlike any other", "a modern Mahabharata", "one of the most important books of our catalytic time of change", and "a true gift to humanity".  

If you want to work directly with Jean Houston and Anneloes Smitsman to explore how you can apply their trilogy in your life:

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Interview by Deepak Chopra about The Quest of Rose, with Jean Houston and Anneloes Smitsman. 

Message from Lynne McTaggart's Foreword

"The Quest of Rose is a remarkable hybrid of a book on multiple levels: both individual journey and highly palatable introduction to innumerable scientific breakthroughs, both page-turning fiction and practical nonfiction workbook. 

Each chapter not only furthers Rose’s journey, but also offers summaries of key insights and experiential exercises for the reader to further their own path to self-actualization—so that we can become our own “Cosmic Architect.”

In that sense, Rose’s journey is our own hero’s journey. By discovering insights and practices as Rose learns them, we respond, as Rose’s grandmother Verdandi puts it, to “the lure of our becoming,” the journey all of us must embark on, but most especially at present, during this pivotal moment in our human history. 

The Quest of Rose is ultimately a work of profound hope during these tumultuous times, by offering a powerful new definition of ourselves and a vision of unlimited future possibility. 

But this trilogy also means to be an incitement to radical transformation. And there may be no turning back. Once you are caught up in Rose’s revelations and begin to understand the deep truths within them, a new way of your own being must be born.

Accept its siren call and take this journey with Rose. Allow this brilliant new story to unleash the imaginal cells of your own extraordinary potential and become the future human you were always meant to be."

Source: Excerpts from the Foreword by Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and world renowned author. She is one of the central authorities on the new science of consciousness and architect of the Intention Experiment.
"A true gift to humanity." Paul Levy
"We cannot afford to ignore this magnificent work!” ~ Larry Dossey, M.D.
"One of the most important books of our catalytic time of change." ~ Diane Williams

The Cosmic Keys & Architect Tools

BOOK 1: During a near-death experience, Rose (the main character) slips beyond the veil of life and death, and discovers the Cosmic architecture of our Universe that humanity has forgotten. When she returns to the Cosmic womb she is given the possibility of a new choice, which guides her to the future potentials of a new era and the Cosmic keys for the rebirth and renewal of herself self and our world. 

With the help of her Icelandic grandmother Verdandi, who is known as a wizard, seer, and wise woman, she learns the names and powers of these nine Keys and how to apply them.

BOOK 2:  Many months later as her new powers begin to grow and danger lures around, Verdandi receives the sign that it is time for Rose to learn the ways of the Cosmic Architect Tools for the making and transformation of our realities and worlds with the power of Consciousness.

BOOK 3: Guided by the future civilizations of the new era and with the help of the Avatars, Rose, Verdandi, Sophia, Li and Sam discover how to apply cutting-edge science and ecological wisdom for regenerating our world, as they gather in Iceland co-create the new covenant and living constitutions for our time. 

Book 1 - The Quest of Rose

... a taste ...

How it all begins ...

Rose hears the strained voices of the medical staff as they work intensely to save her. They sound faint and far away.

“Another overactive immune system.”

“Blood pressure?”

“She’s slipping away.” 

“Get ready to start the heart…”

“Seems we lost a cousin of hers who came in with her yesterday with the same viral symptoms.”

Where am I? Why is it so light? Have I died? Rose no longer feels the weight of her body, nor the fever raging inside her. Everything feels surprisingly calm and peaceful now. No, wait. This can’t be…It’s not my time. Mother Universe! Whoever you are, there must be another option! I’m not ready to die. My life has only begun!

A week ago, Rose and Otto attended a party with their university friends in Amsterdam. They debated, hugged, and danced until late into the night. Early the next morning, she and her cousin were rushed into the hospital ICU with severe viral symptoms of COVID-19. 

Otto had experienced problems with an overactive immune system since he was a child, so things got worse very quickly for him. The internal bleeding in his lungs could not be stopped. It was impossible to save him. Rose doesn’t know this yet. She’s drawing on all of her strength and focus to get through her own crisis. 

Her parents in the United States are informed of Otto’s death and of their own daughter’s critical situation, but they’re unable to fly over due to the pandemic restrictions. Upon receiving the news, they immediately notify Rose’s brother and promise they’ll keep him apprised of any developments. Lucas is concerned about his sister, and naturally sad to hear the news about Otto. It will not be possible for Otto to have a regular funeral or memorial service with friends and family; he’ll be cremated alone in the coming days. His family is in deep shock and simply cannot believe how things happened so fast. Would Rose be next?

Rose’s last conversation with her cousin was about the escalating troubles and growing violence in the world, and whether humanity is worth being saved. Otto was a remarkable young man, full of life and always positive, looking at the bright side of every problem. He’d already overcome many health obstacles from an early age. He and Rose had made wild plans for creating a better world together. 

Everyone in the ICU focuses on bringing Rose back from the brink. Her temperature is dangerously high and her lungs are filling with fluids. The medical staff work around her with quiet intensity.



“We’re losing her.”

Rose drifts into another realm where she seems to be part of a unity that is all and everything, yet intimate at the same time. The experience feels more vivid to her than her ordinary world. Look at all of these little lights. Where am I? 

A reassuring voice enters her consciousness. “Let yourself be embraced by the Universe, my girl.”

Grandma! Is that you? I can hear you! Am I in Iceland?

“Trust. Relax. Feel the loving arms of the Cosmic Mother around you,” the soothing voice continues. “She’ll protect and guide you through the darkness. You’re safe in her arms. Just let go now, and join her. All is well. You’re going to be fine.” 

A wave of relaxation washes over Rose. She hears another voice. It’s not the voice of her grandmother, but an evocative voice that sounds very familiar. The voice is luscious, like music. Within it are the sounds of all creation, with an insistent beauty and harmony that feel as caring and personal as a mother’s kiss. 

Are you the voice of the Universe? Rose knows that she must follow the voice. Strong yearning and curiosity take over, pulling her energy toward it. 

Source: Chapter 1 "The Call of the Quest", Book1 - The Quest of Rose.


Enjoy this unique recording of the launch celebration of the Future Humans Trilogy that took place on July 22, 2021, with Jean Houston and Anneloes Smitsman. Hosted by Peggy Rubin with special contributions from Lynne McTaggart, Jude Currivan, Alexander Schieffer, Rama Mani, Claire Zammit, Sasha Siem (introducing the Earth Song), Donna Eden, David Feinstein, Diane Williams, Justine Page, and Deborah Moldow.

Praise for the Future Humans Trilogy

Caroline Myss, Ph.D.
Author, ​Intimate Conversation with the Divine​   

“The Future Humans Trilogy is pure inspiration - soul gold. As we spin in these winds of chaos, wondering where we are going and when the storms will end, this Trilogy has emerged as a guidebook, instructing individuals on how to connect to the hidden power map governing this epic of transformation. Pure genius.” 

Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Author, Total Meditation

“Full of wisdom and insight, with a vision of the future everyone can benefit from in our age of change amid uncertainty. The Future Humans Trilogy by Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston is an act of true compassion, which exhibits empathy and understanding that leads to answers, and the answers are the essence of the world’s wisdom traditions. The stories in this Trilogy speak directly to the heart, where all inner journeys begin. When the heart awakens, the person is transformed. This Trilogy is living proof that such a radical change is desirable, possible, and necessary in everyone’s life."  

Anita Sanchez, Ph.D.
Author, The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times

The Quest of Rose is a powerful book to help you navigate these personal and global challenging times. Rose’s quest will inspire you—ringing with integrity, authenticity, wisdom and truth. Anneloes and Jean provide practices following each section that will guide you beyond what you thought possible for your life. This first book of the Future Human Trilogy quenches the thirst for what our heart desires for ourselves, our children, our children’s children, and the children of other species for now and for future generations." 

Donna Eden & David Feinstein, Ph.D.
Co-Authors, The Energies of Love

"The Quest of Rose is so much more than a book! It is the start of a journey that can literally repattern your nervous system to better meet the trials of these challenging times. It confronts the greatest questions facing humanity, drawing at once on the power of story, glimpses into the cosmic order, the inspiration of a larger perspective, and simple practices that will expand the reach of your mind. This map into a more welcome future will speak to you personally as it also calls out to the culture that the path of greater possibilities for the human experiment is before us, our collective will must be rallied, and the time is now.”

Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D.
Founder, DreamTending & Pacifica Graduate Institute

“In every generation there are breakthrough ideas that change the course of human evolution. These sparks originate in the generative depths of imagination. They ignite new ways of becoming fully human. Through the renaissance artistry of Jean Houston’s life’s work and the fresh brilliance of Anneloes Smitsman’s attuned scholarship comes The Quest of Rose, a book as timeless as it is timely. The architectural tools, the creative means of unleashing your personal rebirth, wait to be discovered through engaging heart-felt dialogs alive in these pages. The archetypal portals, the cosmic keys needed for the redesign of society present themselves in masterful storytelling. This book is potent. It awakens latent purpose and inspires a joyful embrace of the new possible. The CALL goes out. The invitation is yours to receive. The time is now…”

Jude Currivan, Ph.D.
Cosmologist, Author, The Cosmic Hologram

“Written by two visionaries, evolutionary leaders and master storytellers, rather than fictional, this book is imaginal. It speaks to our deepest longing and seeds our greatest belonging. With Jean Houston’s and Anneloes Smitsman’s profound and empowering guidance, it calls us to re-member the truth of who we really are. And it invites us to embody lives of meaning and purpose as co-creative evolutionary partners within a revealed and living Universe. Soul food indeed!”

“Written with breathtaking beauty, warmth and charm, Jean and Anneloes have done the human potential movement a huge service by integrating the insights of the new paradigm science and the wisdom of ancient mystics in a magical storytelling way that catalyzes and ignites the reader with the turn of each page. Together they weave a very accessible and memorable roadmap for activating and developing the future potential of our species. Of enormous practical value are the nine Cosmic Keys of Consciousness and the twelve transformative practices, which are integrated into the rich story-line at the end of each chapter. The Future Humans Trilogy is a must read for everyone working to facilitate the evolution of consciousness.”

~ Dr. Claire Zammit Ph.D., Founder of FemininePower.com


"A brilliant, brilliant, brilliant book, absolutely necessary for shifting our view of human history, our current human predicament and Life as well. A huge Thank You!”

David Meggyesy, Author of Out of Their League & World-renowned athlete


“How can the enduring mysteries of science and spirituality as well as matter and consciousness, be engaged with sustained and vivid imagination? With our worlds on the edge, how we learn can be more important than what we learn if we are to boldly and faithfully innovate a future of belonging and flourishing. This soul-stirring book, studded with transformative principles, perspectives, possibilities, and practices, courageously seeds our collective will towards generating possible worlds.”

~ Aftab Omer, Ph.D. President, Meridian University


“I have long had a personal rule: Read anything Jean Houston writes. The Quest of Rose, written with Anneloes Smitsman, confirms this commitment. This prescient work comes at a critical moment in human history, when we are besieged by tremendous challenges that may affect the continued existence of our species. We cannot afford to ignore this magnificent work!”

~ Larry Dossey, M.D., Author, One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters


“A fabulous excursion into the true potentials - and if we are lucky, the future reality - of the human personality. We learn just about everything that is conceivable about the evolutionary possibilities of the human - a mind-boggling trip. To be read and lived with admiration and appreciation.” 

~ Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D.  Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Award-winning Author. Founder & President, The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research


“Like shamans on a magical journey of healing, in The Quest of Rose, Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston masterfully use the fictive power and world-creating artistry of the sacred creative imagination to weave a spellbinding story which reveals the deeper mythical—and liberating—nature that lies hidden within seemingly ordinary, nonfictional reality. Encoded within the story they tell—which is truly our story—is a living transmission that activates and awakens our evolutionary potential, helping us to remember who we are and what we are here to do. This book is a true gift to humanity that I cannot recommend highly enough.” 

~Paul Levy, author of Dispelling Wetiko and The Quantum Revelation


“This astounding Future Humans Trilogy is a work of pure genius that inspires one to “Know Thyself” as a multi-dimensional architect of the future possible. Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston brilliantly brings to life our true essence as Cosmic, activating forces of evolution, by equipping the reader with the tools, codes, keys, patterns, practices and principles to birth a collective metamorphosis out of the chrysalis into a luminous future.  This is one of the most important books of our catalytic time of change and should be available for all people and in every educational institution as an architectural guide to creating a world that works for all.”

~ Diane Williams, Founder, The Source of Synergy Foundation 


“The Future Humans Trilogy by Anneloes Smitsman, Ph.D, and Jean Houston, Ph.D, provides a brilliantly creative and hope-filled framework for understanding and responding to our difficult times. The trilogy chronicles the life of a young woman who nearly dies from COVID-19. This near-death experience inspires a heroine’s journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. The book trilogy leads the reader through a kaleidoscope of ideas—which includes emergent science, ancient mystical wisdom, and transpersonal psychology—that not only provokes, but also inspires the modern imagination. In this work, one encounters a complex yet coherent picture of a universe that is fully alive, always evolving, and exploding with potentiality. In this universe, the human being has access to an imaginal realm bursting with powerful life-transforming and world-creating capabilities; it is our choice to mindfully partner with the whole of creation. The Future Humans Trilogy is an encouraging myth and practice for our time.”

~ Dr. José M. Román, Vice-President Research Administration, Rutgers University


“A narrative of consciousness, codes, and cosmos, this allegory splendidly weaves modern science with wisdom born of the enduring mystical traditions. We are immediately rewarded with deep faith in the ability of the human person to mature, grow, and evolve. Whether or not you have a gifted, story-weaving Icelandic grandmother or not, grab your cardamom-infused goodies and a cup of tea and listen to your heart’s deeper realm of consciousness to embrace a profound and life-transforming guided experience. You will see yourself and the world around you in a whole new light. The Quest of Rose is the perfect book for these most disruptive times that demand a fresh look at everything.”

~ Bishop Heather Shea, CEO and Spiritual Director of the United Palace of Spiritual Arts


“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wizardly guide to help navigate these turbulent times?  To be shown a blueprint of the future, one that would describe what could be, what is seeking to be, as the next stage in the whole healthy evolution of our species with all of the life present in Earth?  Of course, such a thing is impossible, right? – who would be able to communicate such a thing, let alone access it in the first place?!  Well, apparently it is not impossible, for Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston have done it.  And they have done it in a way that invites you into it, into the landscape of the blueprint, with a fable for our time. This is the fabulous story of Rose, Grandmother Verdandi, and all the friends who “share with you their own journey of developing a personal relationship with this Cosmic architecture of life.” The fable brings you into the spacetime of myth and engages you in a grand rite of passage – at once personal and about all of us and all of life.  In the spirit of Louis Malle’s 1981 film My Dinner with André, or Brent Capra’s 1990 Mindwalk, Smitsman and Houston share profound conversations that range through quantum physics, indigenous wisdom, cosmic evolution, spiritual transformation, and existential and transcendental philosophy from both East and West, North and South.  And they do so in the most delicious and wholly enjoyable way, making these topics understandable, relatable and relevant.  Smitsman and Houston invite you to walk under the moonlight or sit with them by the fire, listening to its crackling, warming your hands and your heart, watching the flicker and play of light, seeing shapes dart about in the shadowplay as you listen to their modern Mahabharata.  As we enter this imaginative space, they drop us deeper into the imaginal realm of our own emergence – individually and collectively.  Rose calls this the “entrance in the Cosmic architecture school of life” where we encounter our future heritage as we listened to elders, traveling sages, druids, wizards and crones, and in so doing, find their guidance within ourselves.”

~ Prof Dr. Alexander Laszlo, Ph.D. Director of Research of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research, co-founding member of EARTHwise Centre. 


“Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston deliver an engaging narrative in which profound realizations seem to pop off each page. These stellar intellects bring to life a mythic journey of personal and societal transformation. A delightful weave of edifying and enduring wisdom; beautifully crafted; and a testament for evolving human potential, The Quest of Rose will revision and advance the path you take.” 

~ Dr. Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D.  The Milton H. Erickson Foundation​


“This is an epic book for our unprecedented times! The Quest of Rose is a book unlike any other you are likely to read. It is breathtaking in its scope, enlightening in its depth and uplifting in its message. It seamlessly weaves together quantum physics, cosmology, mythology, spirituality, psychology, history and more, with gripping impact. It is the one ‘must read’ book for everyone of all ages and backgrounds concerned with how we navigate our way through this chaotic transition time accentuated by the COVID pandemic.” 

~Professor Alexander Schieffer, Ph.D. Co-Founder. ​Home for Humanity​, Adjunct Professor, Da Vinci Institute, South Africa, 


“The Quest of Rose immerses us in the life of one young COVID survivor, Rose, and her quest for deeper meaning after her brush with death. Through Rose’s vivifying dialogues with her evocative grandmother, Verdandi, and her peers, we participate actively in her unfolding discovery of the cosmic architecture of life. We engage side by side with Rose in activating our imaginal cells and expanding our states of consciousness through grandmother Verdandi’s potent exercises to unfetter our quantum powers. We not only share the mythic initiation journey of Rose, but learn with her how to transform our own lives and become the future humans we need to be to create the future world that works for all. This is THE paramount book for our times!” 

~ Dr. Rama Man​i​, Ph.D. Co-Founder, Home for Humanity, Convenor Centre for International Studies, University of Oxford   


"Join Rose along her journey as she discovers what it truly means to be human. Her urgency and enthusiasm to uplift humanity is ever so critical as it coincides with the rapid changes happening throughout humanity and planet Earth. From the greatest depth of our soul to the very social fabric that holds our society and how we interact, realizing in each moment we have a choice, to dream, to create and truly be our own cosmic architect. The lessons and wisdom generously taught to us by Anneloes and Jean reveal valuable stories,  keys, codes and blueprints to change our life stories to those courageous enough to step outside of the known into a wondrous imaginal realm where the world we see, feel and experience is the result of our choice of self love and alignment with the Cosmos. This book is overflowing with connection points of evolutionary biology, physics and references some of the most cherished mystical teachers from our human story. Dr’s Smitsman and Houston timely and eloquently weave the yin perspective that holds the womb space necessary to birth and sustain the life force of what is possible for humanity as part of our rightful evolution."

~ Susan A Manewich, President of New Energy Movement, Co-Director of the Nui Foundation for Moral Technology


“Going through the lines of The Quest of Rose feels like surfing the Great Wave. The Cosmic breath seems like being called back, driving one with a soothing balm into a return home in our hidden heart. Each word within it, as a symphony, has an everlasting light showing the sacred interaction of being. And as a handbook, it is fully packed with essential practicals.”

Dr. Kurt Barnes, N.D., DEA., Founder & Chair of EARTHwise Centre, psy-coach, and international psycho-social expert


“Jean Houston embodies the generous, catalytic and enlightened servant-leadership that inspired His Holiness the Dalai Lama to opine that the world will be saved by the western woman — and in fact, she has inspired and mentored many of them! Now, as the patriarchal patterns of industrial civilization are unraveling, women are coming to our rescue. Dr. Houston is bringing her powers together with the genius of a brilliant younger woman, Dr. Anneloes Smitsman, who embodies a fresh emergence of feminine creative leadership. Enjoy and let your eyes be opened and your soul be nourished by what emerged — Future Humans: The Quest of Rose. It tells a relatable story - of Rose’s (and our collective) near-death encounter in this apocalyptic time — and the discovery, exploration and transmission of infinitely renewing and magical nature of our living universe. As a reader, we accompany and participate in a human story, gradually coming to see and understand how to live in a world that is profoundly multidimensional and magical, and yet single, whole, wholesome and holistic. Drs. Houston and Smitsman are playfully inviting each of us to join them, and in the process, to recognize and use our latent powers and potentials to co-create and inhabit a thrivable future for our children and grandchildren. You’ll finish this book amazed and joyful.” 

~ Terry Patten, Author, ​A New Republic of the Heart​


“We are faced with a tsunami of books showing us where we are on our spiritual evolution as a society, let alone a species. My belief for many years has been that humanity is suffering an identity crisis. We have truly lost our way, and in our desperation to avoid the culture of death that we have created, we are attempting to fix our challenges at the level of effect, not cause. It will never work. At last, a book has emerged from the brilliant radiance of Anneloes Smitsman and the steady, all-encompassing heart of Jean Houston. Follow Rose as she discovers who she is, and discover who you are. Do the exercises and anchor that discovery in meaningful action. This is not a plea to read a book...This is a plea to change the story of who we truly are, so we can choose a culture of life.”

~ Lawrence Bloom, Secretary General, Be Earth Foundation, A UN Intergovernmental Organization 


The Quest of Rose is an extraordinary and unique creation. It is amazingly exciting, informative and inspirational. A combination of scientific treatise, cosmic adventure, and an imaginal feast. The structure of Rose’s story, related in conversation with, principally, her grandmother and friend Sophia, releases a body of wisdom, vision and a wealth of cutting edge contemporary scientific material revealed to her through a near-death experience from contracting Covid-19. It is a fascinating contemporary premise that challenges mind, heart and soul in a profound way. The beautiful Cosmic Compass design and visual aids are all great assets and most useful to understanding some of the more complex ideas.” 

~ Penny Joy, Filmmaker, Scriptwriter, and Facilitator of Restorative Justice Circles


"Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston have beautifully infused their own mystical life experience, scientific evidence-based wisdom, and their unique essences into the story of Rose, Verdandi, and the other characters. As you read these pages, you embark on a journey that activates your future becoming and your own remembering. These books are a “Potteresque” experience, and essential literature for people of all walks and ages. It is through the keys, tools, practices, and knowledge they share that we become aware of the important role that is ours to play for this time as we become the co-creative members of the Future Humans World."

~ Justine Page, Founder of The Essence Effect, and co-founder of EARTHwise Centre


"A post-pandemic future that thrives in harmony with the whole of life needs future-ready humans. The wise future human’s quest is guided by a compass. Rose, the book’s heroine, takes the reader on a magical experiential journey of reflective discovery. Source codes of life, cosmic architecture, and heart intelligence interweave through beautiful story telling. Their deep wisdom ensures the compass course of our quest will always point 'True North’. A masterpiece to be read again and again by all called to build back a better world based on universal truth, trust and love.” 

~ Steven Lovink, Bridge-builder to a Whole New World.  


“It feeds you sacred sauce that radiates enlightenment marinated through the unity of collective generational sharing. The words create immersion into transformative evolutionary literature as the stories embrace the soul exploring the edutainment. I felt the light within the words.”

Jewels Rottiers,  Creator, innovator, and Silicon Valley consultant


"Welcome to the world of Rose - a young woman going through a traumatic end-of-life situation, aiming to find the new she can rely on in her still young life. She's the embodiment of the challenges to the greater whole we now face, with human extinction as a threat, and planet Earth rejecting humanity, if - and that stands for Rose's search - we're not transforming towards regeneration & thriving. The transformation of the caterpillar, from structure to fluidity, to new structure, is one of the wonders of evolution. But it shows the way humanity needs to let go and build up anew. Follow Rose in her transformation, and join her for the sake of the greater whole, of which we are all part of. What an inspiration that journey of Rose is!” 

~ Ralph Thurm, Managing Director r3.0, Author of The Corona Chronicles - Envisioning a New Normal for Regeneration and Thriving


“Two of my favorite visionaries have taken us on a journey into the imaginal realm  - merging historic archetypes with those evolving from the quantum field of our future selves. Jean has been my guru, storyteller and tour guide into the possible human for decades. And after having worked with Anneloes, who has the gift of merging imaginal thinking with the frontiers of science, it is hard to conceive of a more perfect pair to chart the pathway for an evolutionary coherent reality. This marriage of storytelling, science and imaginal thinking and being, is truly original - yet on some level, for me it was completely familiar, evoking an innate knowingness. As Rose recognizes that “the Universe is also a womb” humankind needs to birth a new narrative. Whether you are an expert or new to the path, this shero’s journey is a mythology for the unfolding new world we are creating. It will surely kickstart your imaginal cells.”

~ Janice Hall, President of Natural Network International, social alchemist, and business ecosystem designer of thrivable worlds


"The Quest of Rose is a compelling new paradigm story of transformation and metamorphosis, transmitted through the insatiable curiosity of a young woman, Rose, in conversation with her wise old grandmother. Together, with family and friends, they unlock the essential keys of self-awareness and conscious choice, liberating new dimensions of communication, to enable future human beings to imagine and co-create the world differently. Wisdom visionaries, Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston, invite you on an adventure, beyond the duality traps of these unprecedented times, to skillfully navigate and transform the evolutionary tensions and moral complexity of life on Earth. Once begun, it is difficult to put this book down. It empowers the intention to set sail beyond the safe harbor, to face and embrace the primordial forces of evolution, to re-discover the Universe as a sentient, harmonious realm of infinite potential, and compassionate loving presence."

~ Chloe GoodchildSound Visionary, Voice Pioneer, Singing Philosopher, Author, The Naked Voice, Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound


"The Universe is shaking loose new Cosmic archetypes for each of us to find our part in the new unfolding story. This work provides the platform from which the world can arise.”

~ Yanik Silver, Creator and author of Cosmic Journal and Evolved Enterprise.

Dr. Jean Houston

Jean HoustonPh.D., is a legend in her own time as a world renowned scholar, futurist, and researcher in human capacities, social change, and systemic transformation. She is one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement and one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. She is also a founder of the field of Social Artistry, “Human development in the light of social change.” She has been a key player in the empowerment of women around the world, and was awarded the Synergy Superstar Award 2020 by the Source of Synergy Foundation for her exemplary work inspiring us to source our highest human capacities. A powerful and dynamic speaker, and renowned for her gifts as a mythic storyteller, Dr Houston holds conferences, seminars, and mentoring programs with leaders and change agents worldwide. She has worked intensively in over 40 cultures, lectured in over 100 countries, and worked with major organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, and NASA, as well as helping global state leaders, leading educational institutions, business organizations, and millions of people to enhance and deepen their own uniqueness. She is the co-author of the #1 Amazon International Bestseller The Quest of Rose, the first book of the Future Humans Trilogy with Dr. Anneloes Smitsman, and has authored over 35 published books and a great many unpublished books, plays, and manuscripts. Dr. Houston is Chancellor of Meridian University and has served on the faculties of Columbia University, Hunter College, Marymount College, The New School for Social Research, and the University of California. Dr Houston was also President of the American Association of Humanistic Psychology, and is presently the Chair of the United Palace of Spiritual Arts in New York City.  She  is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle of the Source of Synergy Foundation. 

Dr. Anneloes Smitsman

Anneloes Smitsman, Ph.D., LLM, is a visionary scientist, published author, futurist, system architect, and leadership catalyst for the transition to a Thrivable Civilization. She is Founder and CEO of EARTHwise Centre and holds a Masters degree in Law and Judicial Political Sciences from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and a degree of Doctor from the Maastricht Sustainability Institute (formerly ICIS), Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Her groundbreaking Ph.D. dissertation "Into the Heart of Systems Change", addresses how to diagnose and transform key systemic barriers of our world crisis through its proposed Transition Plan for a Thrivable Civilization. Anneloes is the co-author of the #1 Amazon International Bestseller The Quest of Rose, the first book of the Future Humans Trilogy with Dr. Jean Houston, and is the author of the Amazon International Bestseller “Love Letters from Mother Earth – The Promise of a New Beginning”, as well as many scientific articles and chapters in international peer-reviewed journals and books. Anneloes is the lead architect of the EARTHwise Tipping Point System, the lead author of the r3.0 Educational Transformation Blueprint, an architect of the SEEDS Constitution and strategic advisor of Hypha for co-developing the Regenerative Renaissance tools, currencies, systems, and cultures. She  is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle of the Source of Synergy Foundation.