Epilogue from The Quest of Rose

It is often believed that times of breakdown are needed for times of breakthrough to emerge. Through The Quest of Rose, we have offered an alternative way for our world, ourselves, and collective consciousness to evolve and grow into the greater possibilities of our future becoming. As the caterpillar reminds us, the future potentials of our latent butterfly capacities already exist within us as imaginal cells. Those cells activate and group together while the caterpillar is still alive, and before it dissolves inside its cocoon. 

As pioneers in human development, consciousness research, the quantum nature of reality, the cosmology of our universe, evolutionary sciences, and living systems architecture, we have personally witnessed and experienced how these new ways of change and transformation are not just possible, they are required. That is what is implied with evolving into the new possibilities of the higher orders of reality that are activating inside us. In other words, we don’t have to make it so hard and difficult for ourselves, each other, and our planet. We can choose to evolve more lovingly, gracefully, and joyfully. Perhaps that is the most powerful medicine for our healing and transformation. 

We chose to share this trilogy as an allegory, and not just the journeys of Anneloes and Jean, because we honor how these archetypal characters and mythic codes are about so much more than just our lives. The Quest of Rose is the quest of our time; the call to be reborn from the heart of our humanity by appreciating the unity that’s given. Before we complete this stage of the future human journey, we’d like to share with you how it all began for us…

The Paw That Made it Happen

Many years ago, our common friend, Justine Page, introduced us because she was convinced that we belonged to the same orders of reality, with so many similarities between our approaches and teachings. We soon discovered that she was right! Although we are of different generations, cultures, and backgrounds, our lives have been running parallel tracks in so many ways. We promised to one day explore how we could work together, and then life happened…including Jean’s very busy travel schedule. All of that changed in early 2020, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic that touched all of our lives. 

At the end of February 2020, Anneloes flew from Mauritius (where she was living with her children) to the Netherlands, intending to complete her training on new economics and to spend some time with her parents, especially given that her mom nearly died two months earlier. What was supposed to be a three-week trip became seven months. The borders closed before she could fly back home, and after many cancelled flights, she was finally reunited with her early teenage children in Mauritius in mid-September 2020. The major part of the writing and conception of this trilogy took place during this challenging and uncertain time. 

Meanwhile, Jean’s busy life of constant travelling and in-person teaching and lecturing came to a sudden halt, which freed up her space for something else. The Universe moved in. At the end of April, Anneloes received an email from Jean asking to schedule a Zoom call to begin their work together. Anneloes was delighted to hear from Jean, as she had been trying to get ahold of her for years, since their initial meeting in 2018, and a few follow-up calls. Anneloes didn’t know that most of her emails had gotten lost in Jean’s overloaded inbox with hundreds of messages per day from people from all over the world who know her to be a “nice public person” who always stands ready to help others. 

In 2018, Anneloes had sent Jean the publication of her journal article “Attracting our Future into Being,” which formed part of her doctoral dissertation at Maastricht University (the Netherlands), which she completed in 2019. Jean’s curiosity was sparked when she discovered that Anneloes had been exploring the same quantum perspectives of time and reality as she had been exploring and teaching about for all those years. Then life happened again, and Anneloes’s article disappeared in a pile of correspondence on Jean’s desk, together with her follow-up emails. 

In early 2019, Anneloes had a vivid dream about her and Jean, with a call from the future. The dream revealed their minds as vast networks of lights that were ready to converge to form a new configuration in consciousness for attracting the possible world into being; a world we had both been exploring in parallel tracks for all those years. Anneloes tried to get in touch with Jean again, but Jean never saw her emails. 

The dream was too vivid to ignore. Toward the end of 2019, Anneloes decided to reach out one more time with a strong request to the Universe to find a way around the blockages and time delays. This time she got through to Jean, who told her she would be in touch with a possible date for them to talk as soon as her schedule cleared. 

The Universe decided another type of intervention was clearly needed to make things happen more quickly. It was mid-April 2020, when Jean’s dog, Habibi, a very large goldendoodle, started to paw at something hiding beneath the corner of the rug in Jean’s house. Habibi persisted and persisted, until Jean decided to help her by pulling it out. To her surprise, there was Anneloes’s article, “Attracting our Future into Being.” She read it again and got the message. Delighted, she exclaimed, “Hot dog, we’ve got a live one here! The Cosmos speaks through this one!” And thus, the Future Humans Trilogy began when the Universe, with the help of a dog, alerted Jean that it was time. Ironically, we still haven’t been able to physically meet in person, and we hope to change this soon. We continue our daily calls for exploring the stories and ways of the future humans, which also forms part of our online courses.

Thankfully, the dream that Anneloes received in 2019 has come true after some funny and unusual interventions. For those who don’t know Jean, it would take something like a dog to grab her attention, as these are her closest friends, held in the highest regard. 

Remember that old saying that goes, “Be careful what you promise”? To better understand the love and serendipity that is part of this work, there is one more thing we’d like to share. We had each made a particular promise to the future, which the Universe did not forget. 

Promises Coming True

In 1978, Jean promised Margaret Mead on her deathbed to help humanity become the possible humans of a possible world. Margaret thought of Jean as a daughter. She had told Jean about the importance of creating teaching and learning communities where people could grow together in order to have the capacities to take on a world that is in total shift and change. Just before dying, she asked Jean to promise her that she would create this when the time was ready, and Jean confirmed that she would. The future humans are the possible humans of a possible world. 

In 2008, while five months pregnant with her first son Akash, Anneloes received a lucid dream of new souls that had never had any prior life experience in physical form before, now coming to our Earth. The dream showed her how these souls came from a new cycle of time that was just beginning. They introduced themselves as, “future humans of a new time.” They showed her how their future is not the future created by our past, but the future of a new creative cycle in consciousness. As the dream progressed, Anneloes became aware of the remarkable ways in which the minds of these new souls worked; how they didn’t have to learn through many of the hard lessons that humanity had ploughed through in order to evolve. It was as if they were already wired to understand some of the fundamental aspects of life and our universe that science was only beginning to gain glimpses of. She also saw how these new humans had far greater creative capacities than current humans, and came up with the most wonderful solutions and ideas for resolving even the greatest challenges of our time. 

The dream then progressed into the future where she saw how the ideas of many of these future humans were not welcome in our world. Even worse, some of these future humans showed her how many people couldn’t even hear or understand what they were communicating and sharing, as if there was not yet a place or interface for this new form of consciousness, which some people even considered to be a threat to their worldviews. Anneloes was then shown the hardship that would happen if this new consciousness was not welcome and integrated into our current world consciousness. She realized that preparing humanity for this new consciousness and our future possibilities was critical.

Anneloes promised the new souls that she would do whatever she could to help create the bridges, interfaces, and systems that would make it possible for this new consciousness to serve its true purpose for this time and our world. She was also shown how this consciousness exists in the form of a new child archetype that is dormant in each of us, as well as the earth herself. During one of her initiations in Australia many years earlier, she had accepted her own rebirth via this future child archetype. 

The Future Humans Trilogy is now our gift to the fulfillment of these promises, from past and future times, to honor the promise of a new time. 

With love,

Anneloes and Jean

Source: "Epilogue from the Authors," in The Quest of Rose: The Cosmic Keys of OUr Future Becoming, Book 1 of the Future Humans Trilogy by Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston


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