Scientific Foundations & Essential Insights

The Future Humans Trilogy is based on radical new understandings that are emerging from the frontiers of a new paradigm in science and research. The new paradigm sciences offer a unitary conception of existence and the role of consciousness. These sciences include fields such as: quantum field theory, cosmology, new physics, complexity sciences, evolutionary systems design, neuroscience, epigenetics, and consciousness research.

All of the scientific references included in the trilogy relate to real-life people and research. We chose to share the scientific ideas in a storytelling way, knowing that some of these ideas are so complex and mind-boggling that many people will stop reading when exposed to such information directly. In other words, it requires a tasty meal, receptive ambience, and the warmth of human relationships to be able to digest these radical new perspectives of the nature of reality and our universe. Even then, as the saying goes, “Those who understand...

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