Future Humans Trilogy Glossary

Archetype—A common pattern of behavior that reveals the deeper systemic structures, templates, or codes for the way things form, grow, develop, and evolve. An archetype can also be a psychic or cultural pattern that animates the behavior of a person or a collective of people. 

Avatar—From the Sanskrit word “avatāra,” which is a concept in Hinduism that refers to the incarnation of divine qualities that descend into human form. In this book we refer to “Avatar” as a quality of our Cosmic self, which acts as a Cosmic interface between the local and nonlocal realities of consciousness. 

Complexity—A nonlinear state of connectivity that emerges from the multiple levels of interdependent connections and relationships. Not to be confused with “complicatedness,” which refers to a situation or event that is not easy to understand.

Cosmos—From the Greek word “Kosmos,” which means “ordered whole” and...

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