The Future Humans Trilogy launched July 22, 2021 through The Quest of Rose: The Cosmic Keys of Our Future Becoming. Since then thousands of people from around the world have been working with the keys, tools, and practices. Return of the Avatars: The Cosmic Architect Tools of Our Future Becoming is the second book of the trilogy and will be published towards the end of March 2022. 

Join the future humans in this spell-breaking, soul-stirring adventure as they explore essential lessons about power, unity, ego, shadow, hope, courage, and love. Empowered with the discoveries of the Cosmic architecture of life, you’ll now discover how to decode the systems and agendas of the economics of domination and the governance of disunity. Explore the new choices and possibilities by developing your future human powers through the wisdom of the higher heart, with the help of the seven Cosmic Architect Tools. Although recommended, it is not necessary to have read the first book.

Deepak Chopra, M.D. writes in his endorsement: “This book is prophetic.” We received similar feedback from other luminaries who have finished reading Return of the Avatars. Times of trouble call for a deeper stimulation of reality from both sides of the veil, and this is precisely what happens through this next stage of our evolutionary development. As you read, you’ll be guided in ways you can develop your future human potentials and powers through the wisdom of the higher heart, the Cosmic heart. You’ll receive the masterful support of our Cosmic friends, the Avatars from the Cosmic side of the veil who represent the higher orders of being of our innate Cosmic potentials. And when it may seem as if all is becoming too much, just ask Rose’s young nephew Olaf to show you the Cosmic reset button that’s hidden within for awakening from the hypnotic influence of the sleeping giants and radically evolving the ways the game of life has been played on planet Earth. 

As with our first book, the future humans of this trilogy are presented with fictional first names. They are archetypal characters we can all relate to. During their quest, they meet real-life people who are non-fictional characters, like the futurist and evolutionary economist Hazel Henderson and integral investor Dr. Mariana Bozesan. The future human characters are again encountering real-life world events and places that are non-fictional. We chose this unique hybrid genre of allegory to express how this journey of the future humans belongs to all of us, and is thus not unique to us as the authors. 

The codes of the higher heart of humanity are called to awaken. People are gathering to change how the game of life is played on planet Earth. We have a choice. We can stop the programs of self-destruction and the harmful operating systems if we face the shadow within, and unite our powers through the higher heart of humanity. The cry of our planet is loud and clear, but many still ignore her while under the hypnotic influence of the giants of domination and their weapons of disunity. Many people fight to regain their autonomy from the systems and cultures they want no part of, not realizing how the gamers of deception are so seductive that if we are not vigilant, we could fall into the arms of yet another giant. 

Is Rose ready to take on these immense tasks and resist the seductive influence of her shadow? How will she prevent being overtaken by the powers that are awakening within and through her? She calls us to join her, together with her friends. They are preparing to gather the teams of the future humans of the new era, as they discover how to co-create a thriving world that works for all, and evolve how humans play the game of life on planet Earth. But first, she wants to share her story of what she discovered in confronting the giants, facing her shadow, and getting to know her ego, and how she came to befriend the Cosmic Dragon of the higher heart. 

Return of the Avatars supports you to rise to the challenges of this time, and not be squashed by them. Uncertainty has a way of triggering deep-seated fears and survival patterns, which is precisely when the connective future humans patterning can provide essential life support. 

You hold access to powers that have never before been united in the collective human heart and have the potential for becoming a new kind of covenant for our species. Together we are weaving a new and unstoppable pattern of change and transformation, as long as we stand united in our care for the whole of life on the principle of our Cosmic driven bonds of unity. 

Return of the Avatars offers seven Cosmic Architect Tools and ten transformative practices for developing your future human powers with the wisdom of the higher heart, together with an integration section at the end of each chapter for application. The Cosmic Architect Tools are: The Ring of Unity, Infinity Hourglass, Cosmic Compass, Fire Stones of Darkness and Light, Singing Chalice, Cosmic Navel Cord, and the Cosmic Mirror. Each Tool serves as a universal archetypal wisdom for developing your future human powers. As Cosmic Tools of consciousness, they belong to the realms of the beyond, and transcend any particular spiritual tradition.

With love

Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston 

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Book 2 - Return of the Avatars

... a taste from Chapter 1 ...

Signs and Omens ...

“It’s ‘code red,’ Grandma! That’s what the climate scientists are saying. Humanity has entered code red! How can I plan for my future if we’re heading for collapse? How can anyone?” Rose’s voice rises in despair.

Verdandi listens quietly to her granddaughter on the computer screen. 

“What can we do to stop this insanity?” Rose brushes a stray curl from her forehead and snatches a tissue from the box beside her. “I want to take action! To do something! But I feel so helpless. The problems are overwhelming, and I’m only one person. How can I make a positive difference?” 

“Your future is not lost, my darling. There’s a lot you can do,” Verdandi says. “Do you think you went through your death and rebirth for nothing? It’s been almost eighteen months since that happened, and you continue to grow and shift in new ways every day. You’re gaining wisdom; you’re becoming stronger. And Gaia is strong, too. But you’re right, the situation is grave.”

“I know this information isn’t new to you. You showed me early signs of this in Nature when I was just a little girl. Still, it hit me like I’d fallen through thin ice when I heard it announced like that. All of my friends are upset and scared. A few of them have even threatened to take their own lives if our political and economic leaders are not willing to make the necessary changes. They don’t see the point of continuing if life is nothing but chaos and catastrophe.”

“Keep those friends close to you, love. Help them.”

“How can I help them when they feel like their world is dying?” Rose wipes tears from her eyes and blows her nose.

Verdandi looks at her intensely and answers, “By reminding them that it’s always in the times of trouble that new paths and possibilities open up. Show them how they can connect with Gaia. Let them know that our ancient Mother of Life is there for them in their darkest hours. Show them the power of standing united in our care for all of life, and not the ending of their own lives. We’ve had enough martyrs already. It’s time to create a new pattern of change.”

“I can do that, but I still don’t see how this will stop the people who are stealing our future. What’s happening is wrong. The widening gap between the rich and the poor…the exploitation and plunder of our planet, and the manipulation of our lives. Our economic and political systems are rotten to the core. Why aren’t the billionaires investing in the regeneration of our planet and the complete stop of fossil fuels? Why do we continue to invest in war and weapons, rather than world peace? Why does big pharma thrive on people getting sick and dependent on medicines? Why does democracy renew itself by creating winners and losers, always rejecting parts of itself? How can we stop the economic predators? And why have we given our democratic powers to economic politicians who act like puppets for big business?”

“Rant on, my love!” Verdandi exclaims. “Ride that dragon! Express yourself wildly! Let it all out. Do you think I haven't asked myself these same questions every day? And sometimes every minute?” 

“I know you have,” Rose says, “but were you aware that the biggest corporations also have a seat at the United Nations now? It’s called ‘public-private partnerships’ or the ‘new stakeholder capitalism.’ That means that even the World Economic Forum—”

“The WEF?”

“Yes. The WEF, who represents many of these companies, has a say in global decision making, including what happens with our food.”

“That’s very troubling.” Verdandi shakes her head. “So these companies are now driving what gets decided at the level of the United Nations.” 

“To some extent, yes. But worse, these companies sit beside representatives of our governments, but they haven’t been elected by any of us. We have no democratic control over them. This privatization of global interests severely undermines our democratic rights. How am I supposed to stop people from destroying our future if I have no democratic means to do so?”

“Democratic rights and responsibilities? Since when do you take such an interest in politics?” Verdandi smiles at her granddaughter’s passion.

“Since I started to understand what’s behind ‘code red’ and our climate emergency. And the virus pandemic, the growing violence and divisions, the new forms of slavery, the killing of more than 50 percent of our biodiversity, the loss of fertility of so many life forms, and the growing despair among my generation,” Rose replies with a shaking voice. She grabs another tissue and wipes the tears of rage streaming from her eyes. 

“Sit down and breathe,” Verdandi urges. “You know a lot, and you've become razor sharp.”

Rose becomes quiet for a moment. She tugs another tissue from the box. When she finally speaks, her tone is deliberate; her words crisp.

“Nature is regulated by checks and balances for what grows and who dies. Yet in our human systems, these balancing feedback loops are completely lacking. We decide what grows and who dies. And soon, the Artificial Intelligence programs will make the decisions for what grows and who dies. Furthermore, in classical economics, when growth goes exponentially, we call it ‘progress.’ Nothing in Nature grows exponentially, other than viruses and bacteria, and then only until their host dies. If democracy cannot serve as a ‘check and balance’ for what gets decided, then who or what does? Do I need to travel around the world giving speeches like Greta Thunberg? Do I need to go on a hunger strike? What are my options?”

“Interesting,” Verdandi says, deep in thought. 

“That’s all you’ve got to say about this? ‘Interesting?’ Don’t you care? Doesn’t this keep you up at night?” Rose is still fired up. 

“Of course, I care,” Verdandi tells her. “And no, I don’t let them steal my night’s rest. These people have caused enough harm already, I won’t let them take my precious time for sleep and dreaming. My mind belongs to me and the great Oneness. I said ‘interesting’ because I recently had a dream about you becoming a political leader for a new civilization. Who knows what the future has in store for you?” 

“Me, in politics? No way. I hate politics. In any case, who’d listen to me? People will think I’m a crazy woman with unrealistic ideas who believes she can speak with the Cosmos.” 

Rose wants to discard Verdandi’s suggestion, but she can’t deny a strange attraction to the possibility. She also notices the presence of something deep and ancient awakening within her. It feels as if the presence is listening to Verdandi through her. And it seems to know exactly what this dream is about. Rose ponders. What if Grandma is right? 

“Do you really think we can stop the collapse of our world?” she asks aloud.

“That’s the wrong question, my girl. Don’t focus on whether or not we’ll succeed; focus on the tasks at hand.” Verdandi gets up from her chair. “Have I ever told you that I was almost called to be on the stage?”

Rose knows what’s coming. Ever since she was a child, her grandma has done this routine with her from time to time to shift stressful energy. “What? I never knew that,” the young woman responds, feigning surprise.

“Oh yes, indeed. I could have been a famous actress.” Verdandi clears her throat dramatically, and starts to sing as if she’s the lead character in a theatre musical. “The world that is collapsing now was never made to last! The world that is collapsing now was never made to last! It was never made to last! It was laaaast.” She pauses. “Oops, I woke the dog.” Verdandi shrugs and continues. “It was formed long ago by those who wished to rule this Earth. They wanted to become like gods. But they lived on borrowed time, they lived on borrowed tiiiime!” 

Rose joins in the song. “No, they lived on stolen time! They lived on stolen time.”

Verdandi stops singing, turns, and opens her arms. She speaks in a commanding theatre voice, “This world was stripped of life from its beginning. Death and disease spread to all who came under the influence of these humans and their voracious desire to dominate. Growing like a parasitic vine, they strangled the Earth; sucked the life support right out of the planet. Don’t try to avoid the collapse of that world. No! Let it be revealed fully. Expose this false promise for what it is: empty! Devoid of substance!” Verdandi is on a roll. She raises her arms to the ceiling and makes a sweeping gesture. “Gaia, release us from the clutches of falseness and deceit! Release us now!”

Verdandi lowers her arms, turns back to Rose, and says matter-of-factly, “Oh, and talk to my dear friend Hazel; she’ll have a lot to tell you about this topic.”

“Hazel Henderson? The famous futurist and evolutionary economist who’s been exposing all of the economic lies?”

“Yes, of course, dear. Who else?”

“I had no idea you two were friends. I would love to talk with her. Could you please introduce me?”

“It would be my pleasure. I’m sure she’d love to talk with you as well, and she’ll be able to teach you a great deal about the issues you feel so passionate about.”

“Thanks, Grandma.” Rose’s mood perks up. Another thought occurs to her. “Have you heard from my mum lately?”


“I’m worried about her and my dad with all that’s happening in the United States right now. I’m so glad I went to see them earlier this year. I wish I could’ve stayed longer. I’m exploring dad’s suggestion to start a Ph.D. program in the Netherlands.”

“Aha, so you’ve finally made up your mind?”

“Not completely. I had a few talks with potential universities. I’ve given myself another month to make my decision because I also want to explore a business idea that I’ve been working on with my friend Li. 

“Your dad must be happy that you’re at least considering it.”

“He is. But none of that really matters if Nature is so out of balance. We’re at the start of many dangerous escalation events caused by runaway climate change. People don’t realize how the new ‘normals’ will be unlivable for so many.” Rose’s throat gets tight again as her anger rises. “Meanwhile, our so-called ‘elected’ leaders claim they’re ‘doing what they can.’ Ha! They need to try harder!” 

“Breathe, love, breathe.” Verdandi speaks gently. “Go back to that night in the hospital when you slipped beyond the veils. Remember how you saw the Earth cocooned?”

“Yes. I saw a huge cocoon enveloping the Earth and each of us.” Rose makes a figure eight infinity sign with her hands, then puts her arms together as if hugging the Earth. She continues, “Around the cocoon, I saw beautiful butterfly wings of light, like Cosmic wings.” 

“Good, keep giving whatever needs to die and dissolve to that cocoon so it can become composted nutrients for the creation of new life.” Verdandi pauses. “Could you hold on just a moment, love? I need to check on Dagaz out in the garden.”

“Check on him? Why? Is he alright?” Rose asks.

Verdandi opens the window and spies her husband kneeling in the dirt with his back to her, peacefully weeding between the carrot and cabbage beds. Verdandi closes the window and returns to the computer screen.

“He’s fine now, but he got himself into trouble recently,” she explains to Rose. “The neighbor offered to prune the scraggly parts of the trees in the back by the fence, but Dagaz wouldn’t hear of it. He had to prove to himself that he’s still as fit as your brother, so off he went to get the ladder. Honestly, I don’t know who’s more stubborn, teenagers or men in their seventies. Maybe he’s living out his second teenage phase.”

Source: Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston. (2022, forthcoming). Return of the Avatars: The Architect Tools of Our Future Becoming. Book 2 of the Future Humans Trilogy. First section of chapter 1.

Praise for Return of the Avatars

Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Author, Total Meditation

“As we awaken to our true reality, dormant supernatural powers and potential will become the norm. This book is prophetic.” 

Caroline Myss, Ph.D.
Author, ‚ÄčIntimate Conversation with the Divine‚Äč   

Return of the Avatars is like a guidebook to imagining our fullest potential—except that the genius of these authors is their ability to inspire you to want to reach that potential. This book is a wondrous experience.” 

Mariana Bozesan, Ph.D.
Author, Integral Investing, Full member Club of Rome

Few authors have the courage and skill to discuss the impossibilities of the human factor from the perspective of consciousness evolution, and to give hope at a time of crisis. Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston have that courage because they know that as we evolve, we can make the impossible of the previous stage of evolution possible in the next stage by using the exponentially growing complexity of consciousness evolution to our advantage. This genre-defying book captures this new potentiality and paints a picture of a powerful future with stunning insights and beautiful imagination.

Jude Currivan, Ph.D.
Cosmologist, Author, The Story of GAIA

This extraordinarily powerful sequel to the Future Humans Trilogy continues to share profound insights and way-showers for our cosmic destiny. Beyond reading, this is a book to be experienced and essentially embodied. Compassionately facing the shadow and trauma of our evolutionary journey thus far, the authors offer wise and practical tools for their and so our re-soulution. Empowering us at the inner depths of our being, they inspirationally support our hearing and aligning with the emergent impulse of the entire Universe and our planetary home Gaia; to arise to become their co-evolutionary partners and actualize our future human potential.

Hazel Henderson
Author, The Politics of the Solar Age, Futurist & Evolutionary Economist

This much-anticipated Book 2, Return of the Avatars, of the Future Humans Trilogy does not disappoint! The deep wisdom of scientist co-authors Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston illuminates and continues the engaging story of Book 1, The Quest of Rose, following this young woman’s exploration of her latent evolutionary potentials. As Rose deepens her self-knowledge and widens her planetary, solar system, and cosmological awareness, we follow her on this evolutionary path available to humans. Rose creates an evolutionary Cosmic Compass game with new roles for our Avatars, far beyond earlier models. These returning Avatars link humans’ full range of experiences and potentiate our past, present, and future possibilities. They foster our long-held visions of our oneness, and with all other species and life, on a peaceful, abundant planet, powered by the daily free photons from our mother star, the Sun. I loved this book and eagerly await the additional spiritual nourishment of Book 3 of this powerful trilogy." 

Julie Krull, Ph.D.
Author, Fractured Grace, Founder & President of GOOD of the Whole

I am celebrating this evolutionary masterpiece! Return of the Avatars, book two in the Future Humans Trilogy, exudes creative genius, visionary insight, and archetypal pathways to navigate these liminal, evolutionary times of whole-systems transformation. The relatable, relevant, and real-time storytelling is brilliant. Grounded in new science and ancient spiritual wisdom, it leaves the reader with a peculiar sense of comfort and hope. The adventure and intrigue catalyze our innate capacities and quicken our gestating evolutionary potentials. From the Cosmic Compass to the Cosmic Mirror, we are invited into layers upon layers of teachings and tools that will induce higher states of consciousness, access the imaginal realm, and activate new codes and patterns. Bravo, Drs. Jean Houston and Anneloes Smitsman! Return of the Avatars is a magnificent, inspiring guide to consciously evolve ourselves and our world. With the turning of each page, we become equipped cosmic architects of the future human we know is possible.

“Since the launch of the Future Human Trilogy, hundreds of people have been gathering from around the world to work with the powerful content, keys, tools, and practices this series offers. This has strengthened our trust in a new kind of humanity as we learn how to support each other in becoming the required people for this time, and have been developing our imaginal capacities.  Our senses have opened towards becoming the great Unity, as Seekers of the yet Unknown. Return of the Avatars, the second book in the trilogy, trains us further by giving us seven Cosmic Architect Tools for developing our future human powers. We now join Rose, Sophia, Li, and Olaf, wisely guided by the magus Verdandi, to discover how to confront the sleeping giants and puppet masters of our social, economic, and political divisions and stop the reckless exploitations of our planet. Return of the Avatars shows us how to counteract these developments, starting within oneself, by becoming receptive of capacities we did not even fathom to exist. It follows the great spiritual teachings of the Gnostic and indigenous traditions, and deepens our insights from the New Paradigm Research, Systems Change Research, and Quantum Sciences. This book gives hope that humanity will indeed be able to turn around, and become aware and capable of bringing on a brighter future. Using this knowledge in day-to-day contexts enhances the capabilities of consciously responding to daily challenges, in interactions with our family and community, in treatment situations, in artistic expressions, and so much more. Getting in touch with our fuller potential is the greatest gift. In a time of painful separations and social rifts, learning about our fundamental unity is essential for healing ourselves, society, and the planet. This book endows you with the essential tools and abilities for becoming conscious of yourself and the nature of the Universe, returning you to our Original Home.”

Dr. Dagmar Wolff, Ph.D., M.D., Pianist, Educator, Medical Doctor, Founding member of the Future Humans Course Community


"Return of the Avatars is a well of wisdom, integrating the insights of the new paradigm sciences with the wisdom of ancient mystics. Dr. Anneloes Smitsman and Dr. Jean Houston are astounding evolutionary leaders. Their brilliant storytelling gives an unpolished account of the need for change, with visions, hopes, and practical guidance for awakening, evolving, and upgrading how we live our lives on planet Earth. The reader is assisted in becoming the required one to co-create together a thriving and sustainable world that works for all beings. Return of the Avatars speaks on many levels and can profoundly transform your life by catalyzing you into becoming a future human. As soon as I moved into a mode of wonder, openness, deep listening, and receptivity, I experienced how this book responded by gently and lovingly guiding me through each chapter. Then the wisdom started to sink in, fertilize, and vibrate through my bones and tissues, moving me towards increasingly higher levels of alignment, coherence, and wholeness. As the authors remind us, "A subtle difference in focus makes all the difference." This book invites you to enter into a deep love for the unknown and let the transformative power of the words move you way beyond your mind—into the depths of your heart, where every inner journey begins.

~  Dr. Hege Forbech Vinje, Ph.D., Founder of The Forbech Vinje Academy   


“This astounding Future Humans Trilogy is a work of pure genius that inspires one to “Know Thyself” as a multi-dimensional architect of the future possible. Be ready for an upgrade! Return of the Avatars is much more than a book, it’s a sacred initiation that takes us by the hand and leads us through a portal into the world of the Avatars where we can fully access and activate the multidimensional nature of our Cosmic selves and call into being a heart-based future powered by love. This book is a gift to be shared with anyone who deeply loves our Earth and all of the precious beings that call it home.”

~ Diane Williams, Founder, The Source of Synergy Foundation 


“The Future Humans Trilogy by Anneloes Smitsman, Ph.D, and Jean Houston, Ph.D, provides a brilliantly creative and hope-filled framework for understanding and responding to our difficult times. The trilogy chronicles the life of a young woman who nearly dies from COVID-19. This near-death experience inspires a heroine’s journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. The book trilogy leads the reader through a kaleidoscope of ideas—which includes emergent science, ancient mystical wisdom, and transpersonal psychology—that not only provokes, but also inspires the modern imagination. In this work, one encounters a complex yet coherent picture of a universe that is fully alive, always evolving, and exploding with potentiality. In this universe, the human being has access to an imaginal realm bursting with powerful life-transforming and world-creating capabilities; it is our choice to mindfully partner with the whole of creation. The Future Humans Trilogy is an encouraging myth and practice for our time.”

~ Dr. José M. Román, Vice-President Research Administration, Rutgers University


“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wizardly guide to help navigate these turbulent times?  To be shown a blueprint of the future, one that would describe what could be, what is seeking to be, as the next stage in the whole healthy evolution of our species with all of the life present in Earth?  Of course, such a thing is impossible, right? – who would be able to communicate such a thing, let alone access it in the first place?!  Well, apparently it is not impossible, for Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston have done it.  And they have done it in a way that invites you into it, into the landscape of the blueprint, with a fable for our time. This is the fabulous story of Rose, Grandmother Verdandi, and all the friends who “share with you their own journey of developing a personal relationship with this Cosmic architecture of life.” The fable brings you into the spacetime of myth and engages you in a grand rite of passage – at once personal and about all of us and all of life.  In the spirit of Louis Malle’s 1981 film My Dinner with André, or Brent Capra’s 1990 Mindwalk, Smitsman and Houston share profound conversations that range through quantum physics, indigenous wisdom, cosmic evolution, spiritual transformation, and existential and transcendental philosophy from both East and West, North and South.  And they do so in the most delicious and wholly enjoyable way, making these topics understandable, relatable and relevant.  Smitsman and Houston invite you to walk under the moonlight or sit with them by the fire, listening to its crackling, warming your hands and your heart, watching the flicker and play of light, seeing shapes dart about in the shadowplay as you listen to their modern Mahabharata.  As we enter this imaginative space, they drop us deeper into the imaginal realm of our own emergence – individually and collectively.  Rose calls this the “entrance in the Cosmic architecture school of life” where we encounter our future heritage as we listened to elders, traveling sages, druids, wizards and crones, and in so doing, find their guidance within ourselves.”

~ Prof Dr. Alexander Laszlo, Ph.D. Director of Research of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research, co-founding member of EARTHwise Centre. 

Dr. Jean Houston

Jean HoustonPh.D., is a legend in her own time as a world renowned scholar, futurist, and researcher in human capacities, social change, and systemic transformation. She is one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement and one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. She is also a founder of the field of Social Artistry, “Human development in the light of social change.” She has been a key player in the empowerment of women around the world, and was awarded the Synergy Superstar Award 2020 by the Source of Synergy Foundation for her exemplary work inspiring us to source our highest human capacities. A powerful and dynamic speaker, and renowned for her gifts as a mythic storyteller, Dr Houston holds conferences, seminars, and mentoring programs with leaders and change agents worldwide. She has worked intensively in over 40 cultures, lectured in over 100 countries, and worked with major organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, and NASA, as well as helping global state leaders, leading educational institutions, business organizations, and millions of people to enhance and deepen their own uniqueness. She is the co-author of the International Bestseller The Quest of Rose and the forthcoming Return of the Avatars, the first two books of the Future Humans Trilogy, with Dr. Anneloes Smitsman. Dr. Houston and has authored over 36 published books and a great many unpublished books, plays, and manuscripts. She is Chancellor of Meridian University and has served on the faculties of Columbia University, Hunter College, Marymount College, The New School for Social Research, and the University of California. Dr Houston was also President of the American Association of Humanistic Psychology, and is presently the Chair of the United Palace of Spiritual Arts in New York City.  She  is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle of the Source of Synergy Foundation. 

Dr. Anneloes Smitsman

Anneloes Smitsman, Ph.D., LLM, is a visionary scientist, published author, futurist, system architect, and leadership catalyst for the transition to a Thrivable Civilization. She is Founder and CEO of EARTHwise Centre and holds a Masters degree in Law and Judicial Political Sciences from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and a degree of Doctor from the Maastricht Sustainability Institute (formerly ICIS), Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Her groundbreaking Ph.D. dissertation Into the Heart of Systems Change, addresses how to diagnose and transform key systemic barriers of our world crisis through its proposed Transition Plan for a Thrivable Civilization. Anneloes is the co-author of the International Bestseller The Quest of Rose and the forthcoming Return of the Avatars, the first two books of the Future Humans Trilogy, with  Dr. Jean Houston.  Anneloes is the author of the Amazon Bestseller Love Letters from Mother Earth – The Promise of a New Beginning, as well as many scientific articles and chapters in international peer-reviewed journals,  books, and other publications. Anneloes is the lead architect of the EARTHwise Tipping Point System, the lead author of the r3.0 Educational Transformation Blueprint, an architect of the SEEDS Constitution and strategic advisor of Hypha for co-developing the Regenerative Renaissance tools, currencies, systems, and cultures. She  is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle of the Source of Synergy Foundation.