Future Humans Coaching

Essential support for working with the Science, Keys, Tools, and Practices of the Future Humans Trilogy 

Facilitated by Dr. Anneloes Smitsman

Future Humans Coaching

Essential support for working with the Science, Keys, Tools, and Practices of the Future Humans Trilogy 

Facilitated by Dr. Anneloes Smitsman

Message from Anneloes

Never before has it been more important to know and apply your power, your agency, for co-creating a thriving world for all. Everyone of us has agencythe ability to effect change and make things happen in the world. However, for many people their sense of agency and personal power feels limited or suppressed. To develop our agency we need to understand the power of our consciousness, the nature of reality, and the potentials life affords.

While many know me as an evolutionary systems scientist, author, and catalyst for systems change, my core commitment in life has been as a facilitator, coach, and mentor for empowering people in developing their conscious agency for over two decades.

I've co-authored the Future Humans Trilogy with my dear friend and co-author Dr. Jean Houston to provide essential support for this challenging transition time. We're now entering the narrow part of the birth canal for the emerging new era, and this requires specific understanding and capacities. Many of the practices that feature in the trilogy are based on my decades of work in guiding thousands of people from around the world through the inner consciousness shifts that empower and enable the outer systems shifts. As part of my Ph.D. research in systems change, I've also mapped out the systemic barriers that inhibit our transformative agency, and the essential systemic conditions for developing our future human capacities and collective thrivability.

Jean and I agreed for me to lead the Future Humans Group Coaching sessions, which I launched in November 2021 for our students who participated in one of the Future Humans courses or workshops.  

Based on the tremendous feedback from our students, I've now made these sessions open to the public, so that everyone who is working with one of our books of the Future Humans Trilogy has the opportunity to benefit from this vital coaching support. Meaning, irrespective of whether or not you have followed one of our previous courses or workshops. To participate and benefit from this coaching support, I highly recommend that you read or have read one of the books of our Future Humans Trilogy. 

I hope to see you during one of our monthly Future Humans coaching sessions. If you prefer to book a personal coaching session with me, please read more about this further on this page. To our future!!

With love, 


How you can join the next live Group Coaching Sessions

The purpose of the group coaching sessions is to provide ongoing support for working with the content, keys, tools, practices, and science of The Quest of Rose and Return of the Avatars, book 1 and 2 of the Future Humans Trilogy.

Each group coaching session takes place live online through Zoom, and is video recorded. You'll receive the recording of the session a few days after the session in case you're not able to join live. 

  • DURATION: 90 minutes. 
  • WHEN: Last Tuesday of every month, at 7.30am Pacific Time. 
  • INCLUDES: 45 min teaching and practice related to the content, keys, tools, and science of the Future Humans Trilogy + 45 min group coaching in the form of Q & A. 
  • VIDEO recording of the event + slides for those sessions where slides are used. 
  • COST PER SESSION: Each session costs $49 USD. A few partial scholarships are available per session, for those who genuinely need financial support in this way. 
  • The next Future Humans live group coaching session takes place on June 28, from 7:30am-9:00am Pacific Time.

LIVE Group Coaching June 28, 2022

  • Teaching & practice for working with "The Key of Paradox," based on the award-wining book The Quest of Rose.
  • You'll learn about common duality traps and how to reclaim the parts of ourselves that are stuck in shadow dynamics by alchemically working with the evolutionary tensions of paradoxical situations.
  • You'll also learn about the Third Way, which is a key feature of the Ph.D. research of Anneloes on systemic transformation.
  • Through the Q & A you'll learn how to apply this Key of Paradox to (morally) complex situations. 

Recordings from previous coaching sessions

You can purchase the video recordings (and slides where this applies) from previous Future Humans group coaching sessions via the links below. Upon completion of payment, you'll receive a confirmation email (please check your spam box if you don't see it appear within your inbox) with a link to the video recording.

May Group Coaching 2022

  • Teaching & practice for working with "The Key of Imaginal Power," based on the award-wining book The Quest of Rose.
  • You'll learn how to recognize the difference between visualization (which is often based on mental projection), and the imaginal state of consciousness (which is a flow state of consciousness).
  • You'll receive a unique practice from Anneloes for entering into the imaginal flow states to activate the flow of inspiration, intuitive awareness, and Cosmic resonance (the key to her creative writing...).
  • Q & A with participants.

April Group Coaching 2022

  • Teaching and practice for working with the Cosmic Architect Tool "The Ring of Unity," from Return of the Avatars.
  • How to work with the wisdom powers of the Cosmic Dragon, the Cosmic Serpent, and the Cosmic egg that form part of the Ring of Unity.
  • Q & A with participants.

March Group Coaching 2022

  • Teaching and Practices for Personal and Collective Healing in four foundational steps. 
  • How to connect with the Wisdom of the Higher Heart within you and shift from ego to heart consciousness.
  • Q & A with participants.

February Group Coaching 2022

  • Cosmic Compass Part 2 - teaching on the 13 Cosmic Principles and Powers, and the 16 Commitments (with slides)
  • How to integrate the 5 Future Archetypes with the Cosmic Compass.
  • Q & A with participants.

January Group Coaching 2022

  • Cosmic Compass Part 1 - teaching for exploring your potential, working with the 5 Wisdoms, and exploring your 8 values (with slides).
  • Cosmic Compass practice and applications.
  • Q & A with participants.

December Group Coaching 2021

  • Unique Future Humans Solstice Ceremony and celebration.
  • Teaching and transmission from the Grail codes and the Tree of Life.  
  • Q & A with participants.

November Group Coaching 2021

  • How to work with the 5 Future Archetypes from The Quest of Rose (with slides).
  • Practice with the 5 Future Archetypes. 
  • Q & A with participants.

If you like to get a taste of these powerful group coaching sessions, you can watch this 18 min clip from the 90 min March 2022 group coaching for personal and collective healing, in 4 steps. 

Individual Coaching Sessions with Anneloes

If you prefer to book an individual coaching session with Anneloes, please sign-up via this form or get in touch with her via our contact form. She offers a small amount of individual sessions per month, for people who are very committed to their development. Individual sessions can also include a 30-minute energy attunement from Anneloes, upon request.

Individual coaching sessions typically range between 60-90 minutes, depending on the purpose for these sessions. Prices are calculated on an hourly basis. Individual coaching sessions for personal mentorship cost $300 USD per hour, with the option of reduced rates for a package of several sessions.

Anneloes also provides executive corporate sessions for a higher corporate rate, more information upon request via our contact form.

Receive a gift and remain informed

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What people are saying about Anneloes...

Dr. Jean Houston

"Anneloes Smitsman is a leader and pioneer in the development of the architecture of creating civilizations that enhance the wellbeing of both person and planet. In this she is a treasure trove of ingenuity and wisdom. She is one whom leaders in social evolution regard as the person who has the genius to implement the revolutionary solutions and visions that can advance the necessary development of both people and planet. 

I, as well as many others, regard Anneloes as a female Einstein. I met prof Einstein when I was 8 years old, and he told me that his greatest quality was imagination, a quality which Anneloes shares abundantly and which informs her extraordinary creative gifts. She is a living example of what it means to walk the path of the emerging future human. 

Knowing her very well and having worked with her in the development of our books and courses, I can honestly say that she is one of the brightest minds I have ever met. She is a true renaissance woman who brings her unique gifts to the kinds of design and implementation that have the power to shift the negative trajectories of our present world, and thus she creates the designs and solutions that introduce a whole new architecture that inspires while it implements the creation of the promise and dream of a thriving world. Anneloes brings together the tools and the practical knowledge to accomplish this evolutionary task.” 

Dr. Jude Currivan

"Through her writing and teaching, Anneloes’s authenticity and wisdom radiate with a crystal clarity and resonate with compassionate grace. Gently she guides readers and students through journeys of inner and outer discovery, inspiring and empowering them to re-member their own true selves and sense of purpose. As a teacher, guide and companion, she is a loving and hopeful gift of Spirit to the world." 

Lawrence Bloom

In my blessed life’s journey I have had the true privilege of meeting some extraordinary and remarkable souls. Anneloes Smitsman is up there with the best of the very best. From vision to strategy, from strategy to tactics, from tactics to operations, she is a profound and very rare master. I recommend her unhesitatingly, and celebrate our personal friendship and her gift of mentorship to me.” 

"If you enjoy the Future Human Trilogy, I highly recommend monthly group coaching sessions with Anneloes. They are invaluable in integrating the books' understanding, wisdom, and tools. Anneloes is a brilliant teacher and a phenomenal coach and mentor. In these sessions, she breaks down the intricate science and wisdom, and makes them accessible. By combining classical teaching, practices, meditations, and dialogue, Anneloes supports the participants both to understand, embody, and be ready to apply the wisdom in everyday life. I trust her completely and love how she generously, gently, and lovingly guides me, and everyone, in our growth and becoming. Fellow traveller, I urge you to sign up!" ~ Hege Forbech Vinje, Ph.D., Founder of The Forbech Vinje Academy

"It is truly amazing how Anneloes is able to both prepare fertile grounds for sacred transmissions and insights and to hold the space for questions and personal growth for each participant. I have not experienced a single session without jaw-dropping and deep new realizations for many that ripple through daily life and work long after the sessions complete. Having spent time in our own study groups - working and applying the teachings of the Future Humans Trilogy - everybody eagerly awaits any new input Anneloes shares with us, because she is able to bring one’s own experience to a deeper, more connected understanding towards more subtle levels of awareness! What a New Paradigm Storyteller and compassionate teacher!" ~ Dr. Dagmar Wolff, Ph.D., M.D., founding member of the Future Humans Course Community

"Future Human Coaching sessions with Anneloes has been one of the most transformative opportunities of my life. I was introduced to Anneloes through The Quest of Rose, Book 1, and the subsequent Catalyst Course that deepened the books practices for me. The book itself is a treasure trove of teachings and knowledge, and with the now added gift of the coaching sessions, assimilating it has moved to a much deeper and more applicable level of understanding for me. The teachings have created a clear pathway to call forward my future potential to present day; to be able to live life transformatively, with clearer presence and intention in my choices and interactions. I now feel I am living the principles in my daily life and the shifts that are occurring are seismic. I have a deeper sense of peace these days and a deep level of gratitude that my life has been blessed by Anneloes, her work and the Future Humans community, all of which has changed the trajectory of my life in the most incredible and catalyzing ways!" ~ Kristie Googin, Future Humans Course Community

"The coaching and mentoring calls with Anneloes have been essential in receiving real life guidance on how to navigate the process of creating the Future that we choose. In the past few months, I have been going through the process of becoming a steward of a land where my family will eventually build our home, a nature based school for children and adults to learn vital lessons for our future, and a space where people come to receive support and nourishment in their process of being and becoming. This project came as visions in bits and pieces over several years. While the vision is strong, I honestly did not know how to make it happen, leaving me very insecure, and eventually being stuck. Working with Anneloes through the Future Humans coaching calls, her Leadership Quest, and the first two books of the Future Humans Trilogy, have given me much clarity and confidence in navigating the creation and manifestation of this vision. Now, I engage the Future in a conversation, deeply listen, and then circle through the directions of the Cosmic Compass, checking in with my values and principles as coordinates, before taking action. Even though the path is not always visible nor easy, I am truly looking forward to seeing the possibilities that lie ahead. Thanks to Anneloes and her brilliant expositions of the cosmic architecture tools and keys, knowing beyond doubt that the Cosmos is my ally, has strengthened my faith that the Future is guiding me towards the highest good." ~ Dona Tumacder-Esteban, El Nido, Philippines 

"I started this journey with The Quest of Rose in the 2021 with the Catalyst Course. The tools and practices became part of my everyday life and had a huge impact on my wellbeing and my understanding of life. But it’s the second book Return of the Avatars, with the practices connected with the higher heart and the understanding of our shadows, that really changed the way I perceive myself and reality. I started to be more aware of my reactions and what was behind them. The practice to connect with the higher heart helped me to recover from Covid. The warmth of my heart burned the fear and helped me to activate a healthy response of my immune system. I felt the lesson behind the experience and was able to stay present and in the energy of love - love for myself, and love for life in all its forms. I learned how to get in contact with my future potential as a source of healing and understanding in the present. I’m truly grateful for the mentorship of Anneloes, for her warm, wise, kind presence and the knowledge and clarity that she shares." ~ Sarah Biondi 

"I feel I was initiated in the field that Anneloes brings forth and I have so much gratitude for this. Because of the profound nature of the times that we are in, we are of course being initiated but we don’t have very many places to go to for entering into initiation that are a through-line from the ancient wisdom traditions and the Indigenous traditions in a way that is so alive in Anneloes. I am eager for more of the initiation, and I am eager to go back into the meditations, to go back into the field and to receive it again and again. The meditations are so profound and they continue to work you. I am looking forward to deepening in this practice. For coming into conscious leadership and to be of the greatest service  that you can possibly be, you can’t get there without this kind of support." ~ Sheri Herndon, ecosystem architect and evolutionary leader

"Thank you Anneloes for all your support. I found your mentorship of great help this summer as the racing competition I have competed in this season has been very trying at times. I have learned that there are many ways to see the world and people. If you look for the good, you will find it, and if you look for the bad, you will find that, too. I am now focussing on looking for the good. Everyone experiences hardship or sadness of some sort, but it is how you can engage the uncertain times that matters. Support through programs like yours allows people to heal and discover a deeper understanding of themselves. Thank you, as I genuinely appreciate the help you put forward to bring personal peace and harmony into the world." Zach Spicer, Mikisew Cree First Nation, student and professional sailor

"Dr. Anneloes Smitsman lives what she teaches and is one of the most generous, humble, brilliant, and loving people I have ever met. The quality of everything she does is done with integrity and excellence. Her actions are aligned with her values, mission, and intention.  Anneloes is someone I trust completely, and when she does something she does it for the good of the Whole." ~ Nicola Hoffman, transformational coach and facilitator 

"Anneloes is a rare and precious gift. She embodies the ethos of wholeness with her deep, mystical wisdom complemented by her strong, cognitive intelligence. Both come into balance as she allows her heart to lead and guide. Her innate genius is a treasure." ~ Julie Krull, PhD, Founder of GOOD of the WHOLE and talk radio host

"Anneloes Smitsman is an incredible guide and teacher. She is able to explain and teach complex, profound, and hidden truths in a simple manner, so as to give us a way to put this “ancient wisdom” and “mystical magic” to use in our journey."  ~ Lizete Morais, Founder of Authentic Pro Academy, leadership transformation expert, speaker, and author

Inspiration from Anneloes

About Anneloes

Dr. Anneloes Smitsman (Ph.D., LLM) is a futurist, award-winning author, scientist, facilitator, coach, and systems architect. She is the founder and CEO of EARTHwise Centre. Her unique educational programs, trainings, coaching, and systemic strategies and practices have empowered thousands of people and organizations from around the world. Anneloes holds a Master’s degree in Law and Judicial Political Sciences from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and received a degree of Doctor from the Maastricht Sustainability Institute at the School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Her Ph.D. dissertation Into the Heart of Systems Change, is being implemented worldwide for developing economic, educational, and governance systems for regeneration and thrivability.

Anneloes is the co-author with Dr. Jean Houston of the #1 Bestsellers The Quest of Rose and Return of the Avatars, the first two books of the Future Humans Trilogy. She is the co-editor and co-author with Dr. Alexander Laszlo of The New Paradigm in Politics, and she is the author of Love Letters from Mother Earth, which is coming out soon in narrated form with soundtracks by Alan Howarth through Messages from Mother Earth. She is also the author of numerous peer-reviewed journal publications, articles, book chapters, and other publications.

Anneloes is the lead author of the r3.0 Educational Transformation Blueprint, and the lead architect of the SEEDS Constitution where she applied her Thrivability Compass design and Future Archetypes codes, as well as an architect and researcher for Hypha and SEEDS for co-developing the Regenerative Renaissance tools, currencies, systems, and cultures. She is renowned for her social architecture and strategies for catalyzing social tipping points for systemic transformation through evolutionary coherence. 

Anneloes is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle of the Source of Synergy Foundation, a founding member of the Global Development Board of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research, an Advisory Board member of the Interstellar Community Foundation, a r3.0 Advocation Partner, and a partner of the Global Education Futures Initiative. Anneloes is based in Mauritius where she lives with her two children, and the Netherlands.