Epilogue from The Quest of Rose

It is often believed that times of breakdown are needed for times of breakthrough to emerge. Through The Quest of Rose, we have offered an alternative way for our world, ourselves, and collective consciousness to evolve and grow into the greater possibilities of our future becoming. As the caterpillar reminds us, the future potentials of our latent butterfly capacities already exist within us as imaginal cells. Those cells activate and group together while the caterpillar is still alive, and before it dissolves inside its cocoon. 

As pioneers in human development, consciousness research, the quantum nature of reality, the cosmology of our universe, evolutionary sciences, and living systems architecture, we have personally witnessed and experienced how these new ways of change and transformation are not just possible, they are required. That is what is implied with evolving into the new possibilities of the higher orders of reality that are activating inside us. In other words,...

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